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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2014 Oil pollution in Chilika lagoon: An anthropogenic threat to biodiversity. Baliarsingh, S.K.; Sahoo, S.; Acharya, A.; Dalabehera, H.B.; Sahu, K.C.; Lotliker, A.A. Current Science, vol.104(4); 2014; 516-517.
2014 Occurrence and seasonal variation in distribution of fecal indicator bacteria in Tapi estuary along the West coast of India. Borade, S.; Dhawde, R.; Maloo, A.; Gajbhiye, S.N.; Dastager, S.G. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, vol.43(3); 2014; 340-347.
2014 Distributional characteristics of surface-layer mesozooplankton in the Bay of Bengal during the 2005 winter monsoon. Fernandes, V.; Ramaiah, N. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, vol.43(2); 2014; 176-188.
2014 Influence of upwelling on distribution of chaetognath (zooplankton) in the oxygen deficient zone of the eastern Arabian Sea. Kusum, K.K.; Vineetha, G.; Raveendran, T.V.; Muraleedharan, K.R.; Biju, A.; Achuthankutty, C.T. Continental Shelf Research, vol.78; 2014; 16-28.
2014 Assessment of water quality of a river-dominated estuary with hydrochemical parameters: A statistical approach. Padma, P.; Sheela, V.S.; Suryakumari, S.; Jayalakshmy, K.V.; Nair, S.M.; Kumar, N.C. Water Quality, Exposure and Health, vol.5(4); 2014; 197-214.
2014 An update to the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT version 2) Bakker, D.C.E.; Hankin, S.; Olsen, A.; Pfeil, B.; Smith, K.; Alin, S.R.; Cosca, C.; Hales, B.; Harasawa, S.; Kozyr, A.; Nojiri, Y.; OBrien, K.M.; Schuster, U.; Telszewski, M.; Tilbrook, B.; Wada, C.; Akl, J.; Barbero, L.; Bates, N.; Boutin, J.; Cai, W.J.; Castle, R.D.; Chavez, F.; Chen, L.; Chierici, M.; Currie, K.; Evans, W.; Feely, R.A.; Fransson, A.; Gao, Z.; Hardman-Mountford, N.; Hoppema, M.; Huang, W.J.; Hunt, C.W.; Huss, B.; Ichikawa, T.; Jacobson, A.; Johannessen, T.; Jones, E.M.; Jones, S.; Sara, J.; Kitidis, V.; Kortzinger, A.; Lauvset, S.; Lefevre, N.; Manke, A.B.; Mathis, J.; Metzl, N.; Monteiro, P.; Murata, A.; Newberger, T.; Nobuo, T.; Ono, T.; Paterson, K.; Pierrot, D.; Rios, A.F.; Sabine, C.L.; Saito, S.; Salisbury, J.; Sarma, V.V.S.S.; Schlitzer, R.; Sieger, R.; Skjelvan, I.; Steinhoff, T.; Sullivan, K.; Sutherland, S.C.; Suzuki, T.; Sutton, A.; Sweeney, C.; Takahashi, T.; Tjiputra, J.; VanHeuven, S.; Vandemark, D.; Vlahos, P.; Wallace, D.W.R.; Wanninkhof, R.; Watson, A.J. Earth System Science Data, vol.6(1); 2014; 69-90.
2014 Spatial and temporal variation of surface waves in shallow waters along the eastern Arabian Sea. Anoop, T.R.; SanilKumar, V.; Shanas, P.R. Ocean Engineering, vol.81; 2014; 150-157.
2014 Microtexture and distribution of minerals in hydrothermal Barite-Silica chimney from the Franklin seamount, SW Pacific: Constraints on mode of formation. Ray, D.; Kota, D.; Das, P.; SuryaPrakash, L.; Khedekar, V.D.; Paropkari, A.L.; Mudholkar, A.V. Acta Geologica Sinica, vol.88(1); 2014; 213-225
2014 Distribution, abundance and diversity of phytoplankton in the inshore waters of Nizampatnam, South East coast of India. Pandiyarajan, R.S.; Shenai-Tirodkar, P.S.; Ayajuddin, M.; Ansari, Z.A. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, vol.43(3); 2014; 348-356.
2014 Quantitative distribution of meiobenthos in the Gulf of Martaban, Myanmar Coast, north-east Andaman Sea. Ansari, Z.A.; Mehta, P.; Furtado, R.; Aung, C.; Pandiyarajan, R.S. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, vol.43(2); 2014; 189-197.
2014 Revisiting the structure, age, and evolution of the Wharton Basin to better understand subduction under Indonesia. Jacob, J.; Dyment, J.; Yatheesh, V. Journal Of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, vol.119; 2014; 169–190
2014 Distribution of phytoplankton along an environmental gradient off Kakinada, East Coast of India. Ayajuddin, M.; Pandiyarajan, R.S.; Ansari, Z.A. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, vol.43(3); 2014; 357-364
2014 Refractory metal nuggets in different types of cosmic spherules. Rudraswami, N.G.; ShyamPrasad, M.; Plane, J.M.C.; Berg, T.; Feng, W.; Balgar, S. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol.131; 2014; 247-266
2014 Post-monsoon equilibrium beach profiles and longshore sediment transport rates at Candolim, Miramar and Keri beaches of Goa, India. Jayakumar, S.; Yadhunath, E.M.; Jishad, M.; Gowthaman, R.; Rajasekaran, C.; Pednekar, P.S. Current Science, vol.106(3); 2014; 408-416
2014 Influence of tropical storms in the Northern Indian Ocean on dust entrainment and long-range transport. Ramaswamy, V. In"Typhoon impact and crisis management. ed. by: Tang, D.L.; Sui, G.; Lavy, G.; Pozdnyakov, D.; Song, Y.T.; Switzer, A.D." Springer; Heidelberg; Germany; 2014; 149-174.
2014 Waste assimilative capacity of coastal waters along Mumbai mega city, west coast of India using MIKE-21 and WASP simulation models. Renjith, V.; Vethamony, P.; Zainudin, Z.; VinodKumar, K. Clean Soil Air Water, vol.42(3); 2014; 295-305
2014 Maritime archaeology and shipwrecks off Goa Tripati, S.; Gaur, A.S.; Sundaresh Kaveri Books; New Delhi; India; 2014; xxiv+ 207
2014 Oscillating environmental responses of the eastern Arabian Sea Gerson, V.J.; Madhu, N.V.; Jyothibabu, R.; Balachandran, K.K.; Nair, M.; Revichandran, C. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, vol.43(1); 2014; 67-75
2014 Dissimilatory nitrate reduction by Aspergillus terreus isolated from the seasonal oxygen minimum zone in the Arabian Sea Stief, P.; Fuchs-Ocklenburg, S.; Kamp, A.; Manohar, C.S.; Houbraken, J.; Boekhout, T.; deBeer, D.; Stoeck, T. BMC Microbiol., vol.14(35); 2014; 22pp. doi:10.1186/1471-2180-14-35.
2014 Grimontia indica AK16<sup>T</sup>, sp. nov., isolated from a seawater sample reports the presence of pathogenic genes similar to Vibrio Genus Aditya, S.; Bhumika, V.; Khatri, I.; Srinivas, T.N.R.; Subramanian, S.; Korpole, S.; AnilKumar, P. PLoS One, vol.9(1); 2014; 8pp. e85590. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0085590
2014 Lunatimonas lonarensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a haloalkaline bacterium of the family Cyclobacteriaceae with nitrate reducing activity Srinivas, T.N.R.; Aditya, S.; Bhumika, V.; AnilKumar, P. Systematic and Applied Microbiology, vol.37(1); 2014; 10-16
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