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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2014 Rhodovulum mangrovi sp. nov., a phototrophic alphaproteobacterium isolated from a mangrove forest sediment sample Nupur, P.; Srinivas, T.N.R.; Takaichi, S.; AnilKumar, P. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, vol.64(9); 2014; 3168-3173
2014 Distribution and sources of particulate organic matter in the Indian monsoonal estuaries during monsoon Sarma, V.V.S.S.; Krishna, M.S.; Prasad, V.R.; Kumar, B.S.K.; Naidu, S.A.; Rao, G.D.; Viswanadham, R.; Sridevi, T.; Kumar, P.P.; Reddy, N.P.C. Journal of Geophysical Research (G: Biogeosciences), vol.119(11); 2014; 2095-2111
2014 Effect of thermal non-equilibrium, seafloor topography and fluid advection on BSR-derived geothermal gradient Mandal, R.; Dewangan, P.; Ramprasad, T.; Kumar, B.J.P.; Vishwanath, K. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol.58; 2014; 368-381
2014 Geologic implications of gas hydrates in the offshore of India: Krishna-Godavari Basin, Mahanadi Basin, Andaman Sea, Kerala-Konkan Basin Kumar, P.; Collett, T.S.; Boswell, R.; Cochran, J.R.; Lall, M.; Mazumdar, A.; Ramana, M.V.; Ramprasad, T.; Riedel, M.; Sain, K.; Sathe, A.V.; Vishwanath, K.; Yadav, U.S. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol.58; 2014; 29-98
2014 Composition and origin of authigenic carbonates in the Krishna-Godavari and Mahanadi Basins, eastern continental margin of India Teichert, B.M.A.; Johnson, J.E.; Solomon, E.A.; Giosan, L.; Rose, K.; Kocherla, M.; Connolly, E.C.; Torres, M.E. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol.58; 2014; 438-460
2014 Gas hydrate destabilization and methane release events in the Krishna-Godavari Basin, Bay of Bengal Joshi, R.K.; Mazumdar, A.; Peketi, A.; Ramamurty, P.B.; Naik, B.G.; Kocherla, M.; Carvalho, M.A.; Mahalakshmi, P.; Dewangan, P.; Ramana, M.V. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol.58; 2014; 476-489
2014 Modified effective medium model for gas hydrate bearing,clay-dominated sediments in the Krishna-Godavari Basin Sriram, G.; Dewangan, P.; Ramprasad, T. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol.58; 2014; 321-330
2014 Logging-while-drilling and wireline velocities: Site NGHP-01-10, Krishna-Godavari Basin, India Jaiswal, P.; Al-Bulushi, S.; Dewangan, P. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol.58; 2014; 331-338
2014 Estimation of seismic attenuation of gas hydrate bearing sediments from multi-channel seismic data: A case study from Krishna-Godavari offshore basin Dewangan, P.; Mandal, R.; Jaiswal, P.; Ramprasad, T.; Sriram, G. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol.58; 2014; 356-367
2014 Bibenzimidazole containing mixed ligand cobalt(III) complex as a selective receptor for iodide Indumathy, R.; Parameswarana, P.S.; Aiswarya, C.V.; Nair, B.U. Polyhedron, vol.75; 2014; 22-29
2014 Synthesis of deep multichannel seismic and high resolution sparker data: Implications for the geological environment of the Krishna–Godavari offshore, Eastern Continental Margin of India Ramana, M.V.; Goli, A.; Desa, M.; Ramprasad, T.; Dewangan, P. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol.58; 2014; 339-355
2014 Manganese cycling and its implication on methane related processes in the Andaman continental slope sediments Sujith, P.P.; Gonsalves, M.J.B.D.; Rajkumar, V.; Sheba, M. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol.58; 2014; 254-264
2014 Iron anchors of Northern Odisha, east coast India: Maritime contacts with European countries Tripati, S.; Patnaik, S.K.; Acharya, S.B. Bulletin of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, vol.38; 2014; 65-72
2014 Comparative organic geochemistry of Indian margin (Arabian Sea) sediments: Estuary to continental slope Cowie, G.; Mowbray, S.; Kurian, S.; Sarkar, A.; White, C.; Anderson, A.; Vergnaud, B.; Johnstone, G.; Brear, S.; Woulds, C.; Naqvi, S.W.A.; Kitazato, H. Biogeosciences, vol.11; 2014; 6683-6696
2014 Bacterial Diversity in Deep-Sea Sediments from Afanasy Nikitin Seamount, Equatorial Indian Ocean Khandeparker, R.; Meena, R.M.; Deobagkar, D.D. Geomicrobiology Journal, vol.31(10); 2014; 942-949
2014 Multi-proxy evidence for compositional change of organic matter in the largest tropical (peninsular) river basin of India Pradhan, U.K.; Ying Wu; Shirodkar, P.V.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, G. Journal of Hydrology, vol.519; 2014; 999-1009
2014 Processes of interannual mixed layer temperature variability in the thermocline ridge of the Indian Ocean PraveenKumar, B.; Vialard, J.; Lengaigne, M.; Murty, V.S.N.; Foltz, G.R.; McPhaden, M.J.; Pous, S.; Montegut , C.deB. Climate Dynamics, vol.43(9-10); 2014; 2377-2397
2014 Arthrobacter enclensis sp. nov., isolated from sediment sample Dastager, S.G.; Qin, L.; Tang, S.K.; Krishnamurthi, S.; Lee, J.C.; Li, W.J. Archives of Microbiology, vol.196(11); 2014; 775-782
2014 Aliiglaciecola coringensis sp. nov., isolated from a water sample collected from mangrove forest in Coringa, Andhra Pradesh, India Gupta, V.; Sharma, G.; Srinivas, T.N.R.; AnilKumar, P. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, vol.106(6); 2014; 1097-1103
2014 Removal of mercury in fixed-bed continuous upflow reactors by mercury-resistant bacteria and effect of sodium chloride on their performance De, J.; Leonhauser, J.; Vardanyan, L. QScience Connect, vol.2014(1); 2014; No.17 doi:10.5339/connect.2014.17
2014 Individual glass shard trace element analyses confirm that all known Toba tephra reported from India is from the c. 75-ka Youngest Toba eruption Pearce, N.J.G.; Westgate, J.A.; Gatti, E.; Pattan, J.N.; Parthiban, G.; Achyuthan, H. Journal of Quaternary Science, vol.29(8); 2014; 729-734
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