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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2014 Dynamics of auto- and heterotrophic picoplankton and associated viruses in Lake Geneva. Parvathi, A.; Zhong, X.; Ram, A.S.P.; Jacquet, S. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, vol.18(3); 2014; 1073-1087.
2014 Evaluation of antioxidant activities in captive-bred cultured yellow seahorse, Hippocampus kuda (Bleeker, 1852). Sanaye, S.V.; Pise, N.M.; Pawar, A.P.; Parab, P.P.; Sreepada, R.A.; Pawar, H.B.; Revankar, A.D. Aquaculture, vol.434; 2014; 100-107.
2014 Fate of copper complexes in hydrothermally altered deep-sea sediments from the Central Indian Ocean Basin. Chakraborty, P.; Sander, S.G.; Jayachandran, S.; Nath, B.N.; Nagaraju, G.; Chennuri, K.; Vudamala, K.; Lathika, N.; Mascarenhas-Pereira, M.B.L. Environmental Pollution, vol.194; 2014; 138-144.
2014 Indian summer monsoon rainfall characteristics during contrasting monsoon years. Varikoden, H.; RameshKumar, M.R.; Babu, C.A. Pure and Applied Geophysics, vol.171(7); 2014; 1461-1472.
2014 Intramolecular Diels–Alder reaction as a key step in tandem or sequential processes: a versatile tool for the synthesis of fused and bridged bicyclic or polycyclic compounds. Parvatkar, P.T.; Kadam, H.K.; Tilve, S.G. Tetrahedron, vol.70(18); 2014; 2857-2888.
2014 Penicillin-mediated changes in viable benthic diatom assemblages – insights about the relevance of bacteria across spatial and seasonal scales. DeCosta, P.M.; Anil, A.C. Marine and Freshwater Research, vol.65; 2014; 437-452.
2014 A revisit to vityaz transform fault area, Central Indian Ridge: Isotopic evidence of probable hydrothermal activity. Shirodkar, P.V.; Banerjee, R.; Xiao, Y.K. Journal of Geophysics & Remote Sensing, vol.3(3); 2014; 7p10.4172/2169-0049.1000125.
2014 Caerulomycin A- An antifungal compound isolated from marine actinomycetes. Ambavane, V.; Tokdar, P.; Parab, R.; Sreekumar, E.S.; Mahajan, G.B.; Mishra, P.D.; DeSouza, L.; Ranadive, P. Advances in Microbiology, vol.4(9); 2014; 567-578.
2014 Parameter optimization using GA in SVM to predict damage level of non-reshaped berm breakwater. Harish, N.; Lokesha.; Mandal, S.; Rao, S.; Patil, S.G. International Journal of Ocean and Climate Systems, vol.5(2); 2014; 79-88.
2014 Effect of water depth on the performance of intelligent computing models in predicting wave transmission of floating pipe breakwater. Patil, S.G.; Mandal, S.; Hegde, A.V. International Journal of Ocean and Climate Systems, vol.5(2); 2014; 65-78.
2014 Modeling geochemical datasets for source apportionment: Comparison of least square regression and inversion approaches. Tripathy, G.R.; Das, Anirban. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, vol.144; 2014; 144-153.
2014 Acoustic seafloor classification: Potential and limitations. Chakraborty, B. Journal of Ocean Technology, vol.9(2); 2014; v.
2014 GIS in geoscience education- geomorphometric study Mahender, K.; Yogita, K.; Kunte, P.D. In "2014 Education GIS Conference Proceedings ESRI Education Conference 2014: Education GIS Conference (EdUC)"; San Diego; California; 2014; 14p.
2014 Observed intraseasonal and seasonal variability of the West India coastal current on the continental slope. Amol, P.; Shankar, D.; Fernando, V.; Mukherjee, A.; Aparna, S.G.; Fernandes, R.; Michael, G.S.; Khalap, S.T.; Satelkar, N.P.; Agarvadekar, Y.; Gaonkar, M.G.; Tari, A.P.; Kankonkar, A.; Vernekar, S. Journal of Earth System Science, vol.123(5); 2014; 1045-1074
2014 Estimation of carbonate concentration and characterization of marine sediments by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Veerasingam, S.; Venkatachalapathy, R. Infrared Physics & Technology, vol.66; 2014; 136-140.
2014 Characterizing slope morphology using multifractal technique: a study from the western continental margin of India. Chakraborty, B.; Karisiddaiah, S.M.; Menezes, A.A.A.; Haris, K.; Gokul, G.S.; Fernandes, W.A.; Kavitha, G. Natural Hazards, vol.73(2); 2014; 547-565.
2014 Environmental characteristics of tropical coral reef-seagrass dominated lagoons (Lakshadweep, India) and implications to resilience to climate change. Nobi, E.P.; DineshKumar, P.K. Environmental Earth Sciences, vol.72(4); 2014; 1025-1037.
2014 Mixed layer variability and chlorophyll a biomass in the Bay of Bengal. Narvekar, J.; PrasannaKumar, S. Biogeosciences, vol.11; 2014; 3819-3843.
2014 Interactions of mercury with different molecular weight fractions of humic substances in aquatic systems. Chakraborty, P.; Yao, K.M.; Chennuri, K.; Vudamala, K.; Babu, P.V.R. Environmental Earth Sciences, vol.72(3); 2014; 931–939.
2014 A modeling study of the processes of surface salinity seasonal cycle in the Bay of Bengal. Akhil, V.P.; Durand, F.; Lengaigne, M.; Vialard, J.; Keerthi, M.G.; Gopalakrishna, V.V.; Deltel, C.; Papa, F.; Montegut, C.deB. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, vol.119(6); 2014; 3926-3947.
2014 Palynological record of tropical rain forest vegetation and sea level fluctuations since 140 ka from sediment core, south-eastern Arabian sea. Farooqui, A.; Pattan, J.N.; Parthiban, G.; Srivastava, J.; Ranjana Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol.411; 2014; 95-109.
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