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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2014 Why do satellite imageries show exceptionally high chlorophyll in the Gulf of mannar and the Palk bay during the norteast monsoon?. Jyothibabu, R.; Madhu, N.V.; Jagadeesan, L.; Anjusha, A.; Mohan, A.P.; Ullas, N.; Sudheesh, K.; Karnan, C. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, vol.186; 2014; 7781-7792.
2014 Monsoonal effects on beach and offshore sediments from kalbadevi bay, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra state, India. Valsangkar, A.B.; Farnnades, D. DAV International Journal of Science, vol.3(1); 2014; 70-74.
2014 The Myanmar continental shelf Ramaswamy, V.; Rao, P.S. Continental shelves of the world: Their evolution during the last glacio-eustatic eycle. eds by: Chiocci, F.L.; Chivas, A.R.(Geological Society Memoirs, 41). Geological Society; London; 2014; 231-240.
2014 Late holocene primary productivity and sea surface temperature variations in the northeastern Arabian Sea: Implications for winter monsoon variability. Boll, A.; Luckge, A.; Munz, P.; Forke, S.; Schulz, H.; Ramaswamy, V.; Rixen, T.; Gaye, B.; Emeis, K.-C. Paleoceanography, vol.29(8); 2014; 778-794.
2014 GPR studies over the tsunami affected Karaikal beach, Tamil Nadu, south India. Loveson, V.J.; Gujar, A.R.; Barnwal, R.P.; Khare, R.; Rajamanickam, G.V. Journal of Earth System Science, vol.123(6); 2014; 1375-1385.
2014 An appraisal of an iterative construction of the endmembers controlling the composition of deep-sea manganese nodules from the Central Indian Ocean Basin. Renner, R.M.; Nath, B.N.; Glasby, G.P. Journal of Earth System Science, vol.123(6); 2014; 1399-1411.
2014 Observed seasonal and intraseasonal variability of the East India Coastal Current on the continental slope. Mukherjee, A.; Shankar, D.; Fernando, V.; Amol, P.; Aparna, S.G.; Fernandes, R.; Michael, G.S.; Khalap, S.T.; Satelkar, N.P.; Agarvadekar, Y.; Gaonkar, M.G.; Tari, A.P.; Kankonkar, A.; Vernekar, S. Journal of Earth System Science, vol.123(6); 2014; 1197-1232.
2014 Interplay of diverse environmental settings and their influence on the plankton community off Myanmar during the spring intermonsoon. Jyothibabu, R.; Win, N.N.; Shenoy, D.M.; Swe, U.T.; Pratik, M.; Thwin, S.; Jagadeesan, L. Journal of Marine Systems, vol.139; 2014; 446-459.
2014 Anthropogenic activities including pollution and contamination of coastal marine environment. Ansari, Z.A.; Matondkar, S.G.P. Journal of Ecophysiology and Occupational Health, vol.14(1&2); 2014; 71-78.
2014 Estimation of the barrier layer thickness in the Indian Ocean using Aquarius Salinity. Felton, C.S.; Subrahmanyam, B.; Murty, V.S.N; Shriver, J.F. Journal of Geophysical Research (C: Oceans), vol.119(7); 2014; 4200-4213.
2014 Massive outbreaks of Noctiluca scintillans blooms in the Arabian Sea due to spread of hypoxia. Gomes, H.R.; Goes, J.I.; Matondkar, S.G.P.; Buskey, E.J.; Basu, S.; Parab, S.G.; Thoppil, P.G. Nature Communications, vol.5; 2014; No.4862 doi:10.1038/ncomms5862.
2014 Beach dynamics and oscillations of shoreline position in recent years at Miramar Beach, Goa, India: a study from a GPR survey. Loveson, V.J.; Gujar, A.R.; Iyer, S.D.; Udayaganesan, P.; Luis, R.A.A.; Gaonkar, S.S.; Chithrabhanu, P.; Tirodkar, G.; Singhvi, A.K. Natural Hazards, vol.73(3); 2014; 2089.
2014 What drives nearshore sediment transport controls on the depletion of beach placers at Manavalakurichi, Southwest Coast of India?. DineshKumar, P.K.; ManiMurali, R.; Babu, M.T.; Sudheesh, K.; Vethamony, P.; NaveenKumar, K.R. Physical Geography, vol.35(5); 2014; 411-428.
2014 Community structure and coral status across reef fishing intensity gradients in Palk Bay reef, southeast coast of India. Manikandan, B.; Ravindran, J.; Shrinivaasu, S.; Marimuthu, N.; Paramasivam, K. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, vol.186(10); 2014; 5989-6002.
2014 Waves off Gopalpur, northern Bay of Bengal during cyclone Phailin. Amrutha, M.M.; SanilKumar, V.; Anoop, T.R.; Nair, T.M.B.; Nherakkol, A.; Jeyakumar, C. Annales Geophysicae, vol.32(9); 2014; 1073-1083.
2014 Temporally invariable bacterial community structure in the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone. Jain, A.; Bandekar, M.; Gomes, J.; Shenoy, D.M.; Meena, R.M.; Naik, H.; Khandeparkar, R.; Ramaiah, N. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, vol.73(1); 2014; 51-67.
2014 Dynamics of auto- and heterotrophic picoplankton and associated viruses in Lake Geneva. Parvathi, A.; Zhong, X.; Ram, A.S.P.; Jacquet, S. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, vol.18(3); 2014; 1073-1087.
2014 Evaluation of antioxidant activities in captive-bred cultured yellow seahorse, Hippocampus kuda (Bleeker, 1852). Sanaye, S.V.; Pise, N.M.; Pawar, A.P.; Parab, P.P.; Sreepada, R.A.; Pawar, H.B.; Revankar, A.D. Aquaculture, vol.434; 2014; 100-107.
2014 Fate of copper complexes in hydrothermally altered deep-sea sediments from the Central Indian Ocean Basin. Chakraborty, P.; Sander, S.G.; Jayachandran, S.; Nath, B.N.; Nagaraju, G.; Chennuri, K.; Vudamala, K.; Lathika, N.; Mascarenhas-Pereira, M.B.L. Environmental Pollution, vol.194; 2014; 138-144.
2014 Indian summer monsoon rainfall characteristics during contrasting monsoon years. Varikoden, H.; RameshKumar, M.R.; Babu, C.A. Pure and Applied Geophysics, vol.171(7); 2014; 1461-1472.
2014 Intramolecular Diels–Alder reaction as a key step in tandem or sequential processes: a versatile tool for the synthesis of fused and bridged bicyclic or polycyclic compounds. Parvatkar, P.T.; Kadam, H.K.; Tilve, S.G. Tetrahedron, vol.70(18); 2014; 2857-2888.
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