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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1995 Autoregressive modelling of measured sea waves off west coast of India Mandal, S.; SanilKumar, V.; Nayak, B.U. Fourth International Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering in Developing Countries. Proceedings of the COPEDEC IV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 25-29 September 1995. Vol. 3, 1752-1763p.
1994 Autoregressive spectral analysis of crane vessel motions in sea waves Mandal, S.; Lyons, G.J.; Witz, J.A. Indian National Conference on Harbour and Ocean Engineering (INCHOE-94). Proceedings. Vol. 2, I.21-I.30p.
1995 Autotrophic and heterotrophic characteristics in a polluted tropical estuarine complex Ramaiah, Neelam; Ramaiah, N.; Chandramohan, D.; Nair, V.R. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, Vol.40; 45-55p.
2013 Back-arc extension in the Andaman Sea: Tectonic and magmatic processes imaged by high-precision teleseismic double-difference earthquake relocation Diehl, T.; Waldhauser, F.; Cochran, J. R.; KameshRaju, K.A.; Seeber, L.; Schaff, D.; Engdahl, E.R. Journal of Geophysical Research (B: Solid Earth), vol.118; 2013; 2206–2224
2001 Back-propagation neural network in tidal-level forecasting by Ching-PiaoTsai and Tsong-Lin Lee - Discussion Mandal, S. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Vol.127; 54-59p.
1994 Backscatter data from the hydrosweep multibeam system: First results Hagen, R.A.; Chakraborty, B.; Schenke, H.W. Proceedings of the 9th Annual Meeting of the German Hydrographic Society held at Hamburg, 26-27 September 1994, unnumbered p.
1996 Bacterial abundance and production in the central and eastern Arabian Sea Ramaiah, N.; Raghukumar, S.; Gauns, M. Current Science, Vol.71; 878-882p.
1996 Bacterial abundance, communities and heterotrophic activities in the coastal waters off Tamil Nadu Ramaiah, N.; Raghukumar, C.; Sheelu, G.; Chandramohan, D. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, Vol.25; 234-239p.
2004 Bacterial Associations: Antagonism to Symbiosis Nair, S. In: Marine Microbiology: Facets & Opportunities; Ramaiah, N (Ed.), 83-89pp
2004 Bacterial Association with Particles: Aggregation to Dissolution DeSouza, M.J.B.D. In: Marine Microbiology: Facets & Opportunities; Ramaiah, N (Ed.), 49-61pp
1994 Bacterial bioluminescence in marine pollution assessment Ramaiah, N.; Chandramohan, D. Ocean technology: Perspectives, Ed. by: Sushilkumar; Agadi, V.V.; Das, V.K.; Desai, B.N. 967-980p.
2014 Bacterial bioluminescence response to long-term exposure to reverse osmosis treated effluents from dye industries Ravindran, J.; Manikandan, B.; Shirodkar, P.V.; Francis, K.X.; ManiMurali, R.; Vethamony, P. Canadian Journal of Microbiology, vol.60(10); 2014; 661-668
1992 Bacterial contamination of mussels at Mahe estuary, Malabar coast Gore, P.S.; Raveendran, O.; Iyer, T.S.G.; Varma, P.R.G.; Sankaranarayanan, V.N. Fishery Technology, Vol.29; 57-61p.
2007 Bacterial contribution to mitigation of iron and manganese in mangrove sediments Krishnan, K.P.; Fernandes, S.O.; Chandan, G.S.; LokaBharathi, P.A. Marine Pollution Bulletin, Vol.54; 1427-1433p.
2012 Bacterial diversity and their adaptations in the shallow water hydrothermal vent at D. Joao de Castro Seamount (DJCS), Azores, Portugal Mohandass, C.; Rajasabapathy, R.; Ravindran, C.; Colaco, A.; Santos, R.S.; Meena, R.M. Cahiers de biologie marine, vol.53; 2012; 65-76
2014 Bacterial Diversity in Deep-Sea Sediments from Afanasy Nikitin Seamount, Equatorial Indian Ocean Khandeparker, R.; Meena, R.M.; Deobagkar, D.D. Geomicrobiology Journal, vol.31(10); 2014; 942-949
2006 Bacterial extracellular polymeric substances (EPS): A carrier of heavy metals in the marine food-chain Bhaskar, P.V.; Bhosle, N.B. Environment International, vol. 32(2); 191-198
2002 Bacterial flora associated with larval rearing of the giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii Phatarpekar, P.V.; Kenkre, V.D.; Sreepada, R.A.; Desai, U.M.; Achuthankutty, C.T. Aquaculture, Vol. 203(3-4); 279-291p.
1990 Bacterial flora of Dona Paula, India using numerical profiles LokaBharathi, P.A.; Nair, S.; Chandramohan, D. Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi, Vol.56; 473-476
1998 Bacterial flora of pond reared Penaeus indicus (Milne Edwards) Singh, I.S.B.; Lakshmanaperumalsamy, P.; Chandramohan, D. Journal of Aquaculture in the Tropics, Vol.13; 133-142p.
2007 Bacterial growth efficiency in a tropical estuary: Seasonal variability subsidized by allochthonous carbon Ram, A.S.P.; Nair, S.; Chandramohan, D. Microbial Ecology, vol. 53(4); 591-599pp.
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