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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2001 Dynamics of thraustochytrid protists in the water column of the Arabian Sea Raghukumar, S.; Ramaiah, N.; Raghukumar, C. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, Vol.24; 175-186p.
2007 Dynamics of tidal and non-tidal currents along the southwest continental shelf of India Aruna, C.; Ravichandran, C.; Srinivas, K.; Rasheed, P.A.A.; Lekshmi, S. METOC - 2007. Proceedings of the National Symposium on 'Emerging Tredns in Meteorology and Oceanography', 21-22 May 2007, eds. Vijayakumar, D.; Jothiraman, V.; Jyothi, A.K.; Satya Prakash; Krishna, M.S.H. 359-364p.
2006 Dynamics of transparent exopolymeric particles (TEP) and particle-associated carbohydrates in the Dona Paula bay, west coast of India Bhaskar, P.V.; Bhosle, N.B. Journal of Earth System Science, vol.115(4), 403-413p.
2014 An early historic assemblage offshore of Godawaya, Sri Lanka: Evidence for early regional seafaring in South Asia. Muthucumarana, R.; Gaur, A.S.; Chandraratne, W.M.; Manders, M.; Rao, B.R.; Bhushan, R.; Khedekar, V.D.; Dayananda, A.M.A. Journal of Maritime Archaeology, vol.9(1); 2014; 41–58.
2002 Early maritime activities of Orissa on the east coast of India: Linkages in trade and cultural development Tripati, S. Man and Environment, Vol. 27(1),117-126
2009 Early oceanic opening off Western India-Pakistan margin: The Gop Basin revisited Yatheesh, V.; Bhattacharya, G.C.; Dyment, J. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol.284(3-4); 399-408
2007 Early Pliocene paleoceanography of the Vityaz Fracture Zone (VFZ), Central Indian Ridge Guptha, M.V.S.; Banerjee, R.; Mergulhao, L.P.; Banerjee, P.; Parthiban, G.; Tewari, M. Acta Geologica Sinica, Vol.81; 614-621p.
2009 Early (pre–8 Ma) fault activity and temporal strain accumulation in the central Indian Ocean Krishna, K.S.; Bull, J.M.; Scrutton, R.A. Geology, vol.37(3); 227-230
1998 Early tertiary seafloor spreading magnetic anomalies and paleo-propagators in the northern Arabian Sea Chaubey, A.K.; Bhattacharya, G.C.; Murty, G.P.S.; Srinivas, K.; Ramprasad, T.; Rao, D.G. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol.154; 41-52p.
2014 Early- to late-Holocene contrast in productivity, OMZ intensity and calcite dissolution in the eastern Arabian Sea Naik, S.S.; Godad, S.P.; Naidu, P.D.; Tiwari, M.; Paropkari, A.L. Holocene, vol.24(6); 2014; 749-755.
2000 Earthern pot traditions of ancient India Gaur, A.S. Darpan, Vol.2; 24-29p.
2007 The earth's gravitational field Ramprasad, T. Refresher course on marine geology and geophysics (22 nd October to 2 nd November 2007). Lecture notes, 191-195p.
2014 East India Coastal Current induced eddies and their interaction with tropical storms over Bay of Bengal. Patnaik, K.V.K.R.K.; Maneesha, K.; Sadhuram, Y.; Prasad, K.V.S.R.; Murty, T.V.R.; Rao, V.B. Journal of Operational Oceanography, vol.7(1); 2014; 58-68.
2012 Echinicola shivajiensis sp. nov., a novel bacterium of the family "Cyclobacteriaceae" isolated from brackish water pond Srinivas, T.N.R.; Tryambak, B.K.; AnilKumar, P. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, vol.101; 2012; 641-647
1991 Echinoside-B from the Lakshadweep sea cucumber Actinopyga mauritiana (Quoy and Gaimard) Parameswaran, P.S.; Naik, C.G.; Das, B.; Kamat, S.Y. Indian Journal of Chemistry (B: Organic and Medicinal Chemistry), Vol.30; 375-376p.
2005 Echo-waveform classification using model and model free techniques: Experimental study results from central western continental shelf of India Chakraborty, B.; Navelkar, G.S.; Desai, R.G.P.; Janakiraman, G.; Mahale, V.; Fernandes, W.A.; Rao, N. Proceedings of the Oceans 2005 MTS/IEEE Conference and Exhibition, Washington, D.C. USA, 6 ppp.
1998 Ecobiological assessment of a freshwater lake at Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica, with reference to human activities Ingole, B.S.; Dhargalkar, V.K. Current Science, Vol.74; 529-534p.
1996 Ecobiological studies of the freshwater lakes at Schirmacher Oasis, Antarctica Verlecar, X.N.; Dhargalkar, V.K.; Matondkar, S.G.P. Scientific report: Twelfth Indian Expedition to Antarctica, 233-257p.
2008 Ecobiology and Fisheries of an Economically Important Estuarine Fish, Sillago sihama (Forsskal) Ansari, Z.A.; Shamsan, E.F.S. Ph.D. thesis, Goa University- National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India; xiv+ 271pp.
2003 Eco-biology of marine diatoms with emphasis on the influence of physico-chemical parameters Anil, A.C.; Mitbavkar, S. Ph.D. thesis, Goa University- National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India; 240pp
2005 Eco-geomorphological zonation of the Bangaram reef, Lakshadweep Deshmukh, B.; Bahuguna, A.; Nayak, S.; Dhargalkar, V.K.; Jagtap, T.G. Photonirvachak, vol.33(1), 99-106p.
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