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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2012 Extreme sea-level events in coastal regions Unnikrishnan, A.S. Current Science, vol.103(7); 2012; p. 762
2004 Extreme sea level variability along the coast of India. Vol. 1-2 Unnikrishnan, A.S.; Shetye, S.R.; Shankar, D.; Sundar, D.; Michael, G.S.; Fernandes, S.E.; Telang, M. NIO/TR-6/2004, vol.1-2; 262pp.
2005 Extremophilic microbes: Diversity and perspectives Satyanarayana, T.; Raghukumar, C.; Shivaji, S. Current Science, vol.89(1), 78-90p.
2005 Factors affecting the occurrence of Porphyra vietnamensis Tanaka & Pham-Hoang Ho along the Goa coast Pereira, N.; Kakode, J.; Dhargalkar, V.K. Current Science, vol. 88(3), 492-496pp.
2011 Factors controlling January–April rainfall over southern India and Sri Lanka Vialard, J.; Terray, P.; Duvel, J.-P.; Nanjundiah, R.S.; Shenoi, S.S.C.; Shankar, D. Climate Dynamics, vol.37; 2011; 493-507
2009 Factors controlling physico-chemical characteristics in the coastal waters off Mangalore - A multivariate approach Shirodkar, P.V.; Mesquita, A.; Pradhan, U.K.; Verlekar, X.N.; Babu, M.T.; Vethamony, P. EnvironmentalResearch, vol.109(3); 245-257.
2013 Factors controlling the temporal and spatial variations in Synechococcus abundance in a monsoonal estuary Rajaneesh, K.M.; Mitbavkar, S. Marine Environmental Research, vol.92; 2013; 133-143
1999 Factors controlling vertical fluxes of prrticles in the Arabian Sea Nair, T.M.B.; Ramaswamy, V.; Parthiban, G.; Shankar, R. Journal of the Geological Society of India, Vol.54; 369-378p.
2006 Factors guiding tsunami surge at the Nagapattinam–Cuddalore shelf, Tamil Nadu, east coast of India Murthy, K.S.R.; Subrahmanyam, A.S.; Murty, G.P.S.; Sarma, K.V.L.N.S.; Subrahmanyam, V.; Rao, K.M.; Rani, P.S.; Anuradha, A.; Adilakshmi, B.; Devi, T.S. Current Science, Vol. 90(11),1535-1538
2002 Factors regulating the production of different inducers in Pseudomonas aeruginosa with reference to larval metamorphosis in Balanus amphitrite Khandeparker, L.; Anil, A.C.; Raghukumar, S. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, Vol. 28(1); 37-54p.
2004 Falling standards of research in India Varkey, M.J. Current Science, vol.86(4), 500p.
2014 Fate of copper complexes in hydrothermally altered deep-sea sediments from the Central Indian Ocean Basin. Chakraborty, P.; Sander, S.G.; Jayachandran, S.; Nath, B.N.; Nagaraju, G.; Chennuri, K.; Vudamala, K.; Lathika, N.; Mascarenhas-Pereira, M.B.L. Environmental Pollution, vol.194; 2014; 138-144.
2007 Fate of Enteromorpha flexuosa (Wulfen) J. Agardh and its spores in darkness: Implications for ballast water management Kolwalkar, J.P.; Sawant, S.S.; Dhargalkar, V.K. Aquatic Botany, vol.86(1), 86-88pp.
1996 The fate of sand dunes of Goa Mascarenhas, A. Voices for the oceans: A report to the independent world commission on the oceans, ed. by: Rajagopalan, R. p. 111p.
1995 Fatty acid desaturation in the marine prasinophyte Tetraselmis sp.: A sensitive indice of UV-B induced stress in marine phytoplankton Goes, J.I.; Handa, N.; Taguchi, S.; Hama, T. Ecophysiology and photosynthetic in Vitro cultures, eds. Carre, F.; Chagvardieff, C. 63-70p.
2011 Fault system and thermal regime in the vicinity of site NGHP-01-10, Krishna-Godavari basin, Bay of Bengal Dewangan, P.; Srirama, G.; Ramprasad, T.; Ramana, M.V.; Jaiswal, P. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol.28; 2011; 1899-1914
2001 Features at some significant estuaries of India Bhattathiri, P.M.A. The Indian Ocean: A perspective, Ed by: SenGupta, R.; Desa, Ehrlich. Vol.1; 271-297p.
1992 Fecundity of the Indian Horse-shoe crab, Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda (Latreille) Chatterji, A.; Parulekar, A.H. Tropical Ecology, Vol.33; 97-102p.
1992 Feeding behaviour and food selection in the horseshoe crab, Tachypleus gigas (Muller) Chatterji, A.; Mishra, J.K.; Parulekar, A.H. Hydrobiologia, Vol.246; 41-48p.
1995 Feeding behaviour of salp Thalia democratica (Thaliacea) Nair, S.R.S.; Achuthankutty, C.T.; Bhattathiri, P.M.A.; Madhupratap, M. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, Vol.24; 102-103p.
2013 Fermentation products of solvent tolerant marine bacterium Moraxella spp. MB1 and its biotechnological applications in salicylic acid bioconversion Wahidullah, S.; Naik, D.N.; PrabhaDevi PLoS One, vol.8(12); 2013; 11pp. e83647
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