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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2012 Gut fluorescence analysis of barnacle larvae: An approach to quantify the ingested food Gaonkar, C.A.; Anil, A.C. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, vol.111; 2012; 147-150
1993 Gynogenetic induction in marine bivalve molluscs for improvement of stocks: Standardization of some important factors Goswami, U. Proceedings of the National Seminar on Aquaculture Development in India- Problems and Prospects, 27-29 November, 1990, Ed. by: Natarajan, P.; Jayaprakas, V. 263-268p.
2006 Gyrineum natator: A potential indicator of imposex along the Indian coast Vishwakiran, Y.; Anil, A.C.; Venkat, K.; Sawant, S.S. Chemosphere, Vol.62; 1718-1725p.
2010 Habitat heterogeneity and its influence on benthic biodiversity in oxygen minimum zones Gooday, A.J.; Bett, B.J.; Escobar, E.; Ingole, B.S.; Levin, L.A.; Neira, C.; Raman, A.V.; Sellanes, J. Marine Ecology, vol.31(1); 125-147
2000 The Hamburg Ocean-Atmosphere Parameters and Fluxes from Satellite Data (HOAPS): A climatological atlas of satellite-derived air-sea interaction parameters over the world oceans Grassl, H.; Jost, V.; Schulz, J.; RameshKumar, M.R.; Bauer, P.; Schluessel, P. 130 p.
2006 Harmful algal blooms Bhat, S.R.; PrabhaDevi; DeSouza, L.; Verlecar, X.N.; Naik, C.G. In "Multiple dimensions of global environmental change, 419-431pp."
1991 Harmonic analysis and tidal prediction Fernandes, A.A. Training on calculation of water depth below chart datum (1st - 5th July, 1991, 12-21p.
1991 Harmonic tidal analysis at a few stations using the least squares method Fernandes, A.A.; Das, V.K.; Bahulayan, N. Mahasagar, vol.24, 1-12
2013 Harnessing the biosphere to mitigate global climate change and sea level rise Smetacek, V. In "Scientific and Geopolitical Interests in Arctic and Antarctic. ed. by: Ramesh, R.; Sudhakar, M.; Chattopadhyay, S." Lights Research Foundation; New Delhi; India; 2013; 151-171
1994 Hassan Nasiem Siddiquie (1934-1986) elected fellow 1983 Bhargava, R.M.S.; Nigam, R. Biographic Memoirs of Fellows of the Indian National Science Academy, Vol.18; 2-13p.
2002 Has sea level fluctuations modulated human settlements in Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay)? Nigam, R.; Hashimi, N.H. Journal Geological Society Of India, vol.59(6); 583-584pp.
1990 HCH and DDT compounds in the sediments from the Zub lake of Schirmacher Oasis, Antarctica Sarkar, A.; Fondekar, S.P. Proceedings of Workshop on Antarctic Studies, eds. by: Dwivedi, S.N.; Mathur, B.S.; Hanjura, A.K. 510-518
2000 Health status of the coastal waters of Mumbai and regions around Zingde, M.D.; Govindan, K. Environmental problems of coastal areas in India, Ed. by: Sharma, V.K. 119-132p.
1992 Heat budget parameters for the southwestern Arabian Sea during monsoon - 88 experiment RameshBabu, V.; Gopalakrishna, V.V.; Sastry, J.S. Oceanography of the Indian Ocean. Ed. by: Desai, B.N., 647-657p.
1999 Heat content variability in the tropical Indian Ocean during second pre-INDOEX campaign (boreal winter 1996-1997) Rao, E.P.R.; RameshBabu, V.; Rao, L.V.G. Current Science, Vol.76; 1001-1004p.
1994 Heat transfer in flow of an elastico-viscous fluid past a semi-infinite plate with variable temperature Soundalgekar, V.M.; Murty, T.V.R. J. Braz. Soc. (Mech. Sci.), Vol.16; 22-26p.
1991 Heat transfer in flow past a continuously moving semi-infinite flat plate in transverse magnetic field with heat flux Murty, T.V.R. Warme Stoffubertragung (Heat and Mass Transfer), Vol.26; 149-151p.
1990 Heat transfer in MHD unsteady stagnation point flow with variable wall temperature Soundalgekar, V.M.; Murty, T.V.R.; Takhar, H.S. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol.21; 384-389
2005 Heavy metal accumulation in a flow restricted, tropical estuary Balachandran, K.K.; Laluraj, C.M.; Nair, M.; Joseph, T.; Sheeba, P.; Venugopal, P. Estuarine coastal and shelf science, Vol.65; 361-370p.
2009 Heavy metal burden in coastal marine sediments of north west coast of India in relation to pollution Zingde, M.D.; Rokade, M.A. Ph.D. thesis, University of Mumbai, India, 2009; 319pp.
2011 Heavy metal pollution exerts reduction/adaptation in the diversity and enzyme expression profile of heterotrophic bacteria in Cochin estuary, India Jose, J.; Giridhar, R.; Anas, A.; LokaBharathi, P.A.; Nair, S. Environmental Pollution, vol.159; 2011; 2775-2780
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