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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2008 Hyperspectral radiometric observation of the northeast Arabians Sea during April 2006 Sarangi, R.K.; Singh, S.; Dwivedi, R.M.; Matondkar, S.G.P. Photonirvachak, Vol.36; 13-25p.
2011 Hypoxia and Nutrient Reduction in the Coastal Zone: Advice for Prevention, Remediation and Research. Meryl Williams, M.; Harper, N.; Chaitovitz, C.; Dansie, A.; Diaz, R.; Harper, N.; Heidemeier, J.; Jiang, Y.; Kemp, M.; Naqvi, S.W.A.; Neretin, L.; Ross, A.; Susan, C.; Schuster-Wallace, C.; Zavadksy, I. Global Environment Facility, Washington DC, USA. 2011; iii+ 87pp.
2013 Hypoxia in the changing marine environment Zhang, J.; Cowie, G.; Naqvi, S.W.A. Environmental Research Letters, vol.8(1); 2013; 015025; 3pp.
2012 Ichthyofaunal diversity and ecology of intertidal rock pools of Goa, west coast of India Tsering, L.; Pawar, H.B.; Sreepada, R.A.; Sanaye, S.V.; Suryavanshi, U.; Tanu Fishing Chimes, vol.32(8); 2012; 56-59
1996 Ichthyoplankton from Andaman and Nicobar seas Devi, C.B.L.; Stephen, R.; Aravindakshan, P.N.; Meenakshikunjamma, P.P. Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Scientific Results of FORV Sagar Sampada, Pillai, V.K.; Abidi, S.A.H.; Ravindran, V.; Balachandran, K.K.; Agadi, V.V. 239-248p.
2014 Identification and characterization of tsunami deposits off southeast coast of India from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami: Rock magnetic and geochemical approach. Veerasingam, S.; Venkatachalapathy, R.; Basavaiah, N.; Ramkumar, T.; Venkatramanan, S.; Deenadayalan, K. Journal of Earth System Science, vol.123(4); 2014; 905-921.
2007 Identification and modeling of internal waves Murty, T.V.R.; Sadhuram, Y.; Rao, M.M.M.; SujithKumar, S.; Maneesha, K.; Sandhya, K.S.; Prakash, S.S.; Chandramouli, P.; Murthy, K.S.R. NIO Technical Report, 75pp.
2004 Identification, isolation and characterization of active compounds from the Indian green mussels to develop drugs - NIO/TR-11/2004, 130pp.
2009 Identification of a novel UDP-N-acetylglucosamine enolpyruvyl transferase (MurA) from Vibrio fischeri that confers high fosfomycin resistance in Escherichia coli Kumar, S.; Parvathi, A.; Hernandez, R.L.; Cadle, K.M.; Varela, M.F. Archives of Microbiology, vol.191; 425-429
2007 Identification of internal waves off Visakhapatnam from Thermister chain Murty, T.V.R.; Rao, M.M.M.; Sadhuram, Y.; SujitKumar, S.; SaiSandhya, K.; Maneesha, K.; Murthy, K.S.R. METOC - 2007. Proceedings of the National Symposium on 'Emerging Tredns in Meteorology and Oceanography', 21-22 May 2007, eds. Vijayakumar, D.; Jothiraman, V.; Jyothi, A.K.; Satya Prakash; Krishna, M.S.H. 83-89p.
2009 Identification of lysozyme activity from two edible bivalves - Perna viridis (Linnaeus) and Meretrix casta (Chemnitz) Sharma, S.; Tanu; Chatterji, A. Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, vol.32(1); 85-90
2012 Identification of mangroves and coral reefs in the southern Gulf of Kachchh using principal component analysis and geo-spatial techniques: A case study Prerna, R.; Naidu, V.S.; Soniya, S. Proceeding of 13th Esri India User Conference 2012: GIS - Opening our world; Noida; India; 2012; 10pp
2007 Identification of Msf tide amplification using a network of spatially distributed tide gauges Joseph, A.; Mehra, P.; Sivadas, T.K.; Desai, R.G.P.; Srinivas, K.; Thottam, T.; Vijayan, P.R.; Revichandran, C.; Balachandran, K.K. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Ocean Electronics (SYMPOL-2007), 11-14 December, 2007, eds. Pillai, P.R.S.; Supriya, M.H. 162-176p.
Dec-2011 Identification of non-indigenous phytoplankton species dominated bloom off Goa using inverted microscopy and pigment (HPLC) analysis Bhaskar, P.V.; Roy, R.; Gauns, M.; Shenoy, D.M.; Rao, V.D.; Mochemadkar, S. Journal of Earth System Science, vol.120(6); 1145-1154p. 393-403
2014 Identification of optimum outfall location for desalination plant in the coastal waters off Tuticorin, India DineshKumar, P.K.; NaveenKumar, K.R.; Muraleedharan, K.R. International Journal of Environmental Research, vol.8(1); 2014; 69-78.
2013 Identification of sources of tar balls deposited along the Goa coast, India, using fingerprinting techniques Suneel, V.; Vethamony, P.; Zakaria, M.P.; Naik, B.G.; Prasad, K.V. Marine Pollution Bulletin, vol.70; 2013; 81-89
2008 Identification of thermohaline structure of a tropical estuary and its sensitivity to meteorological disturbance through temperature, salinity, and surface meteorological measurements Joseph, A.; Mehra, P.; Desai, R.G.P.; Sivadas, T.K.; Balachandran, K.K.; Vijaykumar, K.; Revichandran, C.; Agarvadekar, Y.; Francis, R.; Martin, G.D. Oceans'08 MTS/IEEE Kobe-Techno-Ocean'08, April 9-11, 2008, Kobe, Japan, 9 pp.
2010 Identification of upregulated immune-related genes in Vibrio harveyi challenged Penaeus monodon postlarvae Nayak, S.; Singh, S.K.; Ramaiah, N.; Sreepada, R.A. Fish & Shellfish Immunology, vol.29(3); 544-549
2012 Identifying the related compounds using electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry: bromotyrosine alkaloids from marine sponge Psammaplysilla purpurea Tilvi, S.; DeSouza, L. European Journal of Mass Spectrometry, vol.18; 2012; 333-343
1998 Identity of saropeptate, aurantiamide acetate and asperglaucide Wahidullah, S.; DeSouza, L. Oriental Journal of Chemistry, Vol.14; 461-462p.
2010 Ilmenite, magnetite and chromite beach placers from south Maharashtra, central west coast of India Gujar, A.R.; Ambre, N.V.; Mislankar, P.G.; Iyer, S.D. Resource Geology, vol.60(1); 71-86
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