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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2011 Mysids (Crustacea) from the Exclusive Economic Zone of India with description of a new species Biju, A.; Panampunnayil, S.U. Marine Biology Research, vol.7(4); 2011; 332-364
2010 Mysids (Crustacea) from the salt pans of Mumbai, India, with a description of a new species Biju, A.; Panampunnayil, S.U. Marine Biology Research, vol.6(6); 556-569
2009 Mysids (Crustacea) from the shallow waters off Maharashtra and south Gujarat, India, with description of a new species Abraham, B.; Panampunnayil, S.U. Marine Biology Research, vol.5(4); 345-362
1991 N2O production in the ocean Naqvi, S.W.A. Nature, Vol.349; 373-374p.
2013 n-Alkanes in surficial sediments of Visakhapatnam harbour, east coast of India Punyu, V.R.; Harji, R.R.; Bhosle, N.B.; Sawant, S.S.; Venkat, K. Journal of Earth System Science, vol.122(2); 2013; 467-477
2010 Naphthalene induced activities on growth, respiratory metabolism and biochemical composition in juveniles of Metapenaeus affinis (H.Milne Edward, 1837) Ansari, Z.A.; Farshchi, P.; Faniband, M. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, vol.39(2); 285-289
1998 National Information Centre for Marine Sciences (NICMAS) - An excellent source of information for aquaculturists Tapaswi, M.P. Proceedings of the Workshop. National Aquaculture Week, January-February, 1997, held at Vijayawada, Chennai, Mandapam Camp and Tuticorin, 258-261p.
1991 National oceanographic information system Desai, B.N.; Kunte, P.D.; Bhargava, R.M.S. National Information Policies and Programmes. 37 All India Library Conference, IIT, Madras, 4-7 December 1991, 167-176p.
1995 National park for marine living organisms - Gulf of Kutchchh [Samudri Sajiv Sansadhano ka Rashtria Udhyan - Kachchh ki Khadi] Gajbhiye, S.N. Aquaculture, eds. Abidi, S.A.H.; Rao, J.V.R.P.; Tripathi, S.; Thakur, N.K.; Sharma, S.R. 25-32p.
2007 Native aluminium (spherules and particles) in the central Indian Basin sediments: Implications on the occurrence of hydrothermal events Iyer, S.D.; Mascarenhas-Pereira, M.B.L.; Nath, B.N. Marine Geology, vol. 240(1-4), 177-184pp.
2010 Natural and human-induced hypoxia and consequences for coastal areas: Synthesis and future development Zhang, J.; Gilbert, D.; Gooday, A.J.; Levin, L.; Naqvi, S.W.A.; Middelburg, J.J.; Scranton, M.; Ekau, W.; Pena, A.; Dewitte, B.; Oguz, T.; Monteiro, M.S.; Urban, E.; Rabalais, N.N.; Ittekkot, V.; Kemp, W.M.; Ulloa, O.; Elmgren, R.; Escobar-Briones, E.; Van der Plas, A.K. Biogeosciences, vol.7(5); 1443-1467
2013 Natural hazards, disasters and human kind: Whither ecosystem management? Mascarenhas, A.; Mudholkar, A.V. International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, vol.6(6); 2013; 1566-1571
2004 Natural isotopic composition of nitrogen in suspended particulate matter in the Bay of Bengal Kumar, S.; Ramesh, R.; Bhosle, N.B.; Sardessai, S.; Sheshshayee, M.S. Biogeosciences, Vol.1; 63-70p.
2009 Natural product antifoulants Raveendran, T.V.; Mol, V.P.L. Current Science, vol.97(4); 508-520
2011 Natural product antifoulants from the octocorals of Indian waters Raveendran, T.V.; LimnaMol, V.P.; Parameswaran, P.S. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, vol.65(1); 2011; 265-268
2009 Natural resources of Goa: A geological perspective Mascarenhas, A.; Kalavampara, G. Geological Soceity of Goa, Goa, India. 2009; xii+ 213pp.
1991 Nature and distribution of manganese nodules from three sediment domains of the Central Indian Basin, Indian Ocean Banerjee, R.; Mukhopadhyay, R. Geo-Marine Letters, Vol.11; 39-43p.
2010 The nature and distribution of particulate matter in the Mandovi Estuary, central west coast of India Kessarkar, P.M.; Rao, V.P.; Shynu, R.; Mehra, P.; Viegas, B.E. Estuaries and Coasts, vol.33(1); 30-44
2012 Nature and sources of suspended particulate organic matter in a tropical estuary during the monsoon and pre-monsoon: Insights from stable isotopes (delta 13C POC, delta 15 N TPN) and carbohydrate signature compounds Khodse, V.B.; Bhosle, N.B. Marine Chemistry, vol.145-147; 2012; 16-28
1990 The nature of particulate organic matter settled on solid substrata Sharma, M.O.; Wagh, A.B. Oceanologica Acta, Vol.13; 471-474
2006 Nature of the crust in the Laxmi Basin (14°-20°N), western continental margin of India Krishna, K.S.; Rao, D.G.; Sar, D. Tectonics, vol.25(1), TC1006
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