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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2002 Quaternary phosphorites off the southeast coast of India Rao, V.P.; Michard, A.; Naqvi, S.W.A.; Boettcher, M.E.; Krishnaswamy, R.; Thamban, M.; Natarajan, R.; Borole, D.V. Chemical Geology, Vol. 182(2-4); 483-502p.
1997 Quaternary radiolarian faunal changes in the tropical Indian Ocean: Inferences to paleomonsoonal oscillation of the 10 degrees S hydrographic front Gupta, S.M.; Fernandes, A.A. Current Science, Vol.72; 965-972p.
2011 Quinolizidines alkaloids: Petrosin and xestospongins from the sponge Oceanapia sp. Singh, K.S.; Das, B.; Naik, C.G. Journal of Chemical Sciences, vol.123(5); 2011; 601-607
2003 Rabbit-core based sea-level logger using semiconductor transducer Pereira, A.M.; Desai, R.G.P.; Desa, E.; Joseph, A.; VijayKumar, K.; Methar, A.; Shirgaonkar, A.; Damodaran, V. SYMPOL - 2003: Proceedings of the National Symposium on Ocean Electronics, 16-17 December 2003, eds. Chander, V.; Pillai, P.R.S. 60-70p.
2009 Radiocarbon dates of the medieval period stone anchors from Dabhol, west coast of India Gaur, A.S.; Sundaresh; Tripati, S.; Vora, K.H. Current Science, vol.96(2); 299-302
2009 Radiolarian abundance - A monsoon proxy responding to the Earth`s orbital forcing: Inferences on the mid-Brunhes climate shift Gupta, S.M. Earth Science India, Vol.2 (I); 1-20
2002 Radiolarian fluxes from the southern Bay of Bengal: sediment trap results Gupta, S.M.; Mohan, R.; Guptha, M.V.S. Deep-Sea Research (I: Oceanographic Research Papers), Vol. 49(9); 1669-1688p.
1999 Radiolarian monsoonal index Pyloniid group responds to astronomical forcing in the last approx. 500,000 y ears: Evidence from the Central Indian Ocean Gupta, S.M. Man and Environment, Vol.24; 99-107p.
2005 Radionuclide fluxes in the Arabian Sea: The role of particle composition Scholten, J.C.; Fietzke, J.; Mangini, A.; Stoffers, P.; Rixen, T.; Gaye-Haake, B.; Blanz, T.; Ramaswamy, V.; Sirocko, F.; Schulz, H.; Ittekkot, V. Earth and planetary science letters, Vol.230; 319-337p.
2009 RAMA: The Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction (including supplement) McPhaden, M.J.; Meyers, G.; Ando, K.; Masumoto, Y.; Murty, V.S.N.; Ravichandran, M.; Syamsudin, F.; Vialard, J.; Yu, L.; Yu, W. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol.90(4); 459-480
1999 Ranking serials in oceanography: An analysis based on the Indian contributions and their citations Tapaswi, M.P.; Maheswarappa, B.S. Scientometrics, Vol.44; 93-127p.
1998 Rapid climatic shifts and its influence on ancient civilisations: Evidence from marine records Naidu, P.D. The Indian human heritage, Ed by: Balasubramanian, D.; Rao, N.A. 69-77p.
1996 Rapid determination of total phenols in seawater by 4-aminoantipyrine colorimetry Kadam, A.N.; Bhangale, V.P. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, Vol.25; 46-49p.
1990 A rapid method of ferromanganese nodule mounting Mukhopadhyay, S.; Banerjee, R. Journal Geological Society Of India, Vol.36; 173-174
2013 Rapid pulses of uplift, subsidence, and subduction erosion offshore Central America: Implications for building the rock record of convergent margins Vannucchi, P.; Sak, P.B.; Morgan, J.P.; Ohkushi, K.; Ujiie, K.; IODP Expedition 334 Shipboard Scientists; Yatheesh, V. Geology, vol.41(9); 2013; 995-998
2012 A rapid two-step bioremediation of the anthraquinone dye, Reactive Blue 4 by a marine-derived fungus Verma, A.K.; Raghukumar, C.; Parvatkar, R.R.; Naik, C.G. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, vol.223; 2012; 3499-3509
1993 Rare earth element distribution and behaviour in buried manganese nodules from the Central Indian Basin Pattan, J.N.; Banakar, V.K. Marine Geology, Vol.112; 303-312p.
1992 Rare earth element geochemistry of ferromanganese deposits of the Indian Ocean Nath, B.N.; Balaram, V.; Sudhakar, M.; Pluger, W.L. Marine Chemistry, Vol.38; 185-208p.
1992 Rare earth element patterns of the Central Indian Basin sediments related to their lithology Nath, B.N.; Roelandts, I.; Sudhakar, M.; Pluger, W.L. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol.19; 1197-1200p.
2000 Rare-earth elements and uranium in phosphatic nodules from the continental margins of India Nath, B.N.; Rao, B.R.; Rao, K.M.; Rao, Ch.M. Marine authigenesis: From global to microbial, eds. Glenn, C.R.; Prevot-Lucas, L.; Lucas, J. 221-232p.
2011 Rare earth elements in suspended and bottom sediments of the Mandovi estuary,central west coast of India: Influence of mining Shynu, R.; Rao, V.P.; Kessarkar, P.M.; Rao, T.G. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, vol.94; 2011; 355-368
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