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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2007 Role of time series sediment traps in understanding the Indian summer monsoon Guptha, M.V.S. Refresher course on marine geology and geophysics (22 nd October to 2 nd November 2007). Lecture notes, 11-13p.
2014 Roseovarius azorensis sp. nov., isolated from seawater at Espalamaca, Azores Rajasabapathy, R.; Mohandass, C.; Dastager, S.G.; Liu, Q.; Khieu, T.-N.; Son, C.K.; Li, W.-J.; Colaco, A. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, vol.105(3); 2014; 571-578
2005 Run-up and inundation limits along southeast coast of India during the 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami Jayakumar, S.; Ilangovan, D.; Naik, K.A .; Gowthaman, R.; Tirodkar, G.; Naik, G.N.; Ganesan, P.; ManiMurali, R.; Michael, G.S.; Raman, M.V.; Bhattacharya, G.C. Current Science, vol.88(11), 1741-1743p.
2010 Safety aspects for underwater vehicles Madhan, R.; Navelkar, G.S.; Desa, E.S.; Afzulpurkar, S.; Prabhudesai, S.P.; Dabholkar, N.; Mascarenhas, A.A.M.Q.; Maurya, P. In "Trends in intelligent robotics". 13th FIRA Robot World Congress, FIRA 2010, Bangalore, India, September 15-17, 2010. Proceedings. eds. by: Vadakkepat, P.; Kim, J.-H.; Jesse, N.; Al Mamun, A.; Kiong, T.K.; Baltes, J.; Anderson, J.; Verner, I.; Ahlgren, D., Springer; New York; USA; 2010; 10-16
2003 The Saga of Sahyadri: Societal environmental issues of Konkan and Goa Sathe, P.V.; Chauhan, O.S. Recent advances in environmental science, ed. by: Hiremath, K.G. 26-35p.
1993 Salinity extrema in the Arabian Sea Shenoi, S.S.C.; Shetye, S.R.; Gouveia, A.D.; Michael, G.S. Monsoon biogeochemistry, Ed. by: Ittekkot, V.; Nair, R.R.; eds. 37-49p.
2006 Salinity-induced survival strategy of Vibrio cholerae associated with copepods in Cochin backwaters Thomas, K.U.; Joseph, N.; Raveendran, O.; Nair, S. Marine pollution bulletin, Vol.52; 1425-1430p.
2013 Salinity Proxies delta<sup>18</sup>O Naidu, P.D. In "Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science. Vol.2. ed by: Elias, S.A.. Elsevier Pub.; Amsterdam; The Netherlands; 2013; 932–940
2013 Salt intrusion study in Cochin estuary - Using empirical models Jacob, B.; Revichandran, C.; NaveenKumar, K.R. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, vol.42(3); 2013; 304-313
1996 The salty seas DineshKumar, P.K. Science Reporter, Vol.33; 22-25p.
2002 Sand dunes: An introduction Mascarenhas, A. Fish curry and rice: A source book on Goa, its ecology and life-style. 4th ed.. Ed. by: Alvares, C., 142-146p.
2008 Sand fences: An environment-friendly technique to restore degraded coastal dunes Mascarenhas, A. Journal Geological Society Of India, Vol.71; 868-870p.
1994 Sarcophyton andamanensis, a new species of soft coral from Andaman Islands Jayasree, V.; Bhat, K.L.; Parulekar, A.H. J. Andaman Sci. Assoc., Vol.10; 107-111p.
1992 Satellite and ship studies of phytoplankton along the west coast of India Goes, J.I.; Gomes, H.; Kumar, A.; Gouveia, A.D.; Devassy, V.P.; Parulekar, A.H.; Rao, L.V.G. Oceanography of the Indian Ocean. Ed. by: Desai, B.N., 67-80p.
2006 Satellite and ship studies of phytoplankton in the Northeastern Arabian during 2000 – 2006 period Matondkar, S.G.P.; Dwivedi, R.M.; Parab, S.G.; Pednekar, S.; Desa, E.S.; Mascarenhas, A.A.M.Q.; Raman, M.; Singh, S.K. Proceedings of SPIE, vol.6406, 64061I
2004 Satellite gravity anomalies and crustal features of the Central Indian Ocean Basin Rao, D.G.; Krishna, K.S.; Neprochnov, Y.P.; Grinko, B.N. Current Science, vol.86(7), 948-957p.
1992 Satellite observations of the northeast monsoon coastal current Shenoi, S.S.C.; Gouveia, A.D.; Shetye, S.R.; Rao, L.V.G. Proceedings of the PORSEC-'92 in Okinawa, Conference for Pacific Ocean Environments and Probing, 25-31 August, 1992, Okinawa, Japan. Vol. 2, 796-801p.
2002 'Saurashtra stone anchors' (Ring-stones) from Dwarka and Somnath, west coast of India Gaur, A.S.; Sundaresh; Tripati, S.; Gudigar, P.; Bandodkar, S.N. Puratattva, vol.32, 131-145p.
2002 Scenario of gas-charged sediments and gas hydrates in the western continental margin of India Karisiddaiah, S.M.; SubbaRaju, L.V. Journal of Geophysics, Vol. 23(2); 33-41p.
2005 Science plan for coastal hazard preparedness Krishna, K.S. Current Science, vol.89(8), 1339-1347p.
2000 Science popularization and the Indian constitution - Correspondence Varkey, M.J. Current Science, vol. 78(9), 1054pp.
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