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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1995 Two new species of Siriella (Crustacea-Mysidacea) from the southwest coast of Australia Panampunnayil, S.U. Journal of Plankton Research, Vol.17; 1939-1950p.
2002 Two selective novel triterpene glycosides from sea cucumber, Telenata ananas: Inhibitors of chemokine receptor-5 Hegde, V.R.; Chan, T.-M.; Pu, H.; Gullo, V.P.; Patel, M.G.; Das, P.; Wagner, N.; Parameswaran, P.S.; Naik, C.G. Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry Letters,: Vol. 12; 3203-3205p.
1991 Two simple amine hydrochlorides from the soft coral Lobophytum strictum Parameswaran, P.S.; Naik, C.G.; Das, B.; Kamat, S.Y. Indian Journal of Chemistry (B: Organic and Medicinal Chemistry), Vol.30B; 449p.
2013 Ultrafiltration technique in conjunction with competing ligand exchange method for Ni–humics speciation in aquatic environment Chakraborty, P.; Boissel, M.; Reuillon, A.; Babu, P.V.R.; Parthiban, G. Microchemical Journal, vol.106; 2013; 263-269
1990 Undersea archeology Rao, S.R. Current trends in coastal marine sciences: A special collection of papers to felicitate Dr. R. Natarajan on his 60th birthday, eds. by: Ramachandran, S.; Rajagopal, S., 106-110
1999 Understanding marine microbes - Trends and future diections Chandramohan, D. Ocean science: Trends and future directions, Somayajulu, B.L.K. 151-175p.
2007 Understanding seafloor morphology using remote high frequency acoustic methods: An appraisal to modern techniques and its effectiveness Chakraborty, B. Refresher course on marine geology and geophysics (22nd October to 2nd November 2007). Lecture notes, 179-183p.
2007 Underwater adhesion: The barnacle way Khandeparker, L.; Anil, A.C. International Journal of Adhesion & Adhesives, vol.27(2), 165-172p.
2004 Underwater cultural heritage (Guest editorial) Gaur, A.S.; Vora, K.H. Current Science, vol.86(9), 1189-1190p.
1997 Underwater exploration off Poompuhar and possible causes of its submergence Gaur, A.S.; Sundaresh Puratattva, Vol.28; 84-90p.
1991 Underwater exploration of submerged towns near Tranquebar (Tarangambadi) on Tamilnadu coast Rao, S.R. Recent Advances in Marine Archaeology. Proceedings of the second Indian Conference on Marine Archaeology of Indian Ocean Countries, January 1990, Ed. by: Rao, S.R. 60-64p.
2005 Underwater explorations of a Sangam period (300 BC-AD 400) port town at Poompuhar, east coast of India Gaur, A.S.; Sundaresh; Tripati, S. Revealing India's past (recent trends in art and archaeology) Prof. Ajay Mitra Shastri commemoration volume, eds. Sharma, R.K.; Handa, D.Vol.1; 33-43p.
2003 Underwater hull inspection by videography of FRV Sagar Sukti - NIO/TR-1/2003; 12p.
2004 Underwater investigations off Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India Sundaresh; Gaur, A.S.; Tripati, S.; Vora, K.H. Current Science, vol.86(9), 1231-1237p.
2007 Underwater photography - A visual survey method Sharma, R. Refresher course on marine geology and geophysics (22 nd October to 2 nd November 2007). Lecture notes, 173-176p.
2006 Underwater search of ancient Dwarka in Okhamandal (Archeologie sous-marine de l'ancienne Dwarka dans l'Okhamandal) Gaur, A.S. La Revue de I'Inde, 109-112p.
2013 Underwater target positioning with a single acoustic sensor David, M-S; Pascoal, A.M.; Joaquin, A. Proceeding of 9th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems CAMS 2013, Osaka, Japan, September 17-20, 2013. ed. by: Kazuhiko, H., vol.9; 2013; 233-238
2003 Underwater videography and photography in Gulf of Kachchh - NIO/SP-2003; 15p.
2003 Underwater videography and photography in Gulf of Kachchh. Sponsored by Gujarat Ecological Society, Vadodara, Gujarat - NIO/SP-16/2003; 15p.
2013 A uniform, quality controlled Surface Ocean CO<sub>2</sub> Atlas (SOCAT) Pfeil, B.; Olsen, A.; Bakker, D.C.E.; Hankin, S.; Koyuk, H.; Kozyr, A.; Malczyk, J.; Manke, A.; Metzl, N.; Sabine, C.L.; Akl, J.; Alin, S.R.; Bates, N.; Bellerby, R.G.J.; Borges, A.; Boutin, J.; Brown, P.J.; Cai, W.-J.; Chavez, F.P.; Chen, A.; Cosca, C.; Fassbender, A.J.; Feely, R.A.; Gonzalez-Davila, M.; Goyet, C.; Hales, B.; Hardman-Mountford, N.; Heinze, C.; Hood, M.; Hoppema, M.; Hunt, C.W.; Hydes, D.; Ishii, M.; Johannessen, T.; Jones, S.D.; Key, R.M.; Kortzinger, A.; Landschutzer, P.; Lauvset, S.K.; Lefevre, N.; Lenton, A.; Lourantou, A.; Merlivat, L.; Midorikawa, T.; Mintrop, L.; Miyazaki, C.; Murata, A.; Nakadate, A.; Nakano, Y.; Nakaoka, S.; Nojiri, Y.; Omar, A.M.; Padin, X.A.; Park, G.-H.; Paterson, K.; Perez, F.F.; Pierrot, D.; Poisson, A.; Rios, A.F.; Santana-Casiano, J.M.; Salisbury, J.; Sarma, V.V.S.S.; et al Earth System Science Data, vol.5(1); 2013; 125-143
2004 A unique late bronze age copper fish-hook from Bet Dwarka Island, Gujarat, west coast of India: Evidence on the advance fishing technology in ancient India Gaur, A.S.; Sundaresh Current Science, vol.86(4), 512-514p.
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