Effect of soft coral extracts on isolated tissues

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dc.contributor.author PrabhaDevi
dc.contributor.author Jayasree, V.
dc.contributor.author Naik, C.G.
dc.date.accessioned 2008-07-02T04:51:46Z
dc.date.available 2008-07-02T04:51:46Z
dc.date.issued 2004
dc.identifier.citation Proceedings of the National Seminar on New Frontiers in Marine Bioscience Research, January 22-23, 2004, Abidi, S.A.H.eds.; Ravindran, M.; Venkatesan, R.; Vijayakumaran, M. 41-45p.
dc.identifier.uri http://drs.nio.org/drs/handle/2264/1112
dc.description.abstract Methanolic extracts of eleven species of soft corals collected from Lakshwadeep islands in the Arabian Sea and Mandapam in the east coast of India were tested for their antispasmodic, antiarrhythmic and oxytocic activity on guinea pig ileum, atrium and uterus respectively. Lobophytum schoedei caused a decrease in nictotine induced contration. L. denticulatum and Sinularia leptoclados caused a dose-dependent decrease in all spasmogens tested (acetylcholine, histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, nicotine and barium chloride). Cladiella pachyclados and C. kremfi collected from Kalpeni and Kadamath Islands showed difference in activity. None of the soft corals exhibited any anti-arrhythmic property on guinea pig atrium.
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher National Institute of Ocean Technology
dc.rights Copyright [2004]. It is tried to respect the rights of the copyright holders to the best of the knowledge. If it is brought to our notice that the rights are violated then the item would be withdrawn.
dc.subject Marine invertebrates
dc.subject Chemical extraction
dc.subject Coral
dc.subject Tissues
dc.subject Bioactive compounds
dc.title Effect of soft coral extracts on isolated tissues
dc.type Conference Article

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