Isotopic evidences of past upwelling intensity in the Arabian Sea

Show simple item record Naidu, P.D. 2008-07-02T05:06:18Z 2008-07-02T05:06:18Z 2004
dc.identifier.citation Global and Planetary Change, Vol.40; 285-293p.
dc.description.abstract Oxygen and carbon isotopic analyses have been performed on the tests of Globigerina bulloides, Globigerinoides sacculifer, Neogloboquadrina dutertrei and Pulleniatina obliquiloculata to study the delta super(18)O and delta super(13)C of shallow and deeper depth living planktic foraminifera species. High and low delta super(18)O sub(obl-bul) and super super(13)C sub(sac-dut) coincides respectively with the low and high flux of G. bulloides (established monsoon upwelling index). The tangible relationships between the flux of G. bulloides and oxygen and carbon isotope differences between the shallow and deeper depth habitat planktic foraminiferal species appear to suggest that delta super(18)O and delta super(13)C of surface and subsurface living foraminifera can be used as isotope indices of upwelling in the Arabian Sea.
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Elsevier
dc.rights Copyright [2004]. It is tried to respect the rights of the copyright holders to the best of the knowledge. If it is brought to our notice that the rights are violated then the item would be withdrawn.
dc.subject palaeo studies
dc.subject upwelling
dc.subject oxygen isotopes
dc.subject carbon isotopes
dc.subject foraminifera
dc.subject monsoon
dc.title Isotopic evidences of past upwelling intensity in the Arabian Sea
dc.type Journal Article

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