Biofilm development on metal surfaces in tropical marine waters

Show simple item record DeSouza, F.P. Bhosle, N.B. 2008-07-18T05:54:44Z 2008-07-18T05:54:44Z 2003
dc.identifier.citation Recent advances in environmental science, ed. by: Hiremath, K.G. 441-458p.
dc.description.abstract The immersion of solid surfaces in aquatic environment results in the rapid adsorption of dissolved organic matter, thereby conditioning the surfaces. A number of compounds including glycoproteins humic material and / or unspecified macromolecules have been implicated as conditioning agents. Early colonizing copiotrophic bacteria were predominantly small gram-negative rods of which 50 to 90% were Pseudomonas species and 10 to 49% were pigmented Flavobacterium species or non-pigmented non-motile Achromobacter species. Further it has been observed that oligotrophic bacteria Caulobacter, Hypomicrobium and Saprospira also adhere to surfaces immersed in marine water for 24th or more. There are many studies on the biofilm of surfaces immersed in aquatic environments. However, little is known about biofilm bacteria developed on metal surfaces, especially immersed in tropical marine waters. Similarly, not much is known about the nature of organic matter deposited on the surfaces over the period of immersion. Therefore, the aims of the present study was to measure the changes in the biofilm carbon, nitrogen, and C/N ratio and to study the development of biofilm microorganisms including bacteria and microalgae on metal surfaces immersed in the surface waters of the Dona Paula Bay, Goa, India over a period of 28 d.
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dc.publisher Discovery Publishing House
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dc.subject Metals
dc.subject Biofilms
dc.subject Colonization
dc.subject Biological settlement
dc.subject Microorganisms
dc.subject Environmental factors
dc.subject Electron microscopy
dc.subject Tropical environment
dc.subject Bacteria
dc.title Biofilm development on metal surfaces in tropical marine waters
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