Characters of chlorine isotopic composition in ocean water

Show simple item record Xiao, Y. Zhou, Y. Liu, W.G. Hong, A. Wang, Q. Wang, Y. Wei, H. Shirodkar, P.V. 2008-08-02T11:10:48Z 2008-08-02T11:10:48Z 2002
dc.identifier.citation Geological Review, Vol. 48 (suppl.); 264-270p.
dc.description.abstract The chlorine isotopic composition of ocean water was determined using thermal ionization mass spectrometry based on the measurement of Cs sub(2) Cl sup(+) ion. The results show that the sup(37) Cl/ sup(35) Cl ratios are basically homogeneous with an average value of 0.319030, with natural variation from 0.318782 to 0.319221. The delta sup(37) Cl values of surface seawater related to defined seawater located at 4 degrees 18 minutes N, 161 degrees 08 minutes E are not relative to all parameters of samples, including temperature, salinity, latitude and longitude due to mixing by huge hydro-dynamical action of ocean water. However, the results for isotopic composition of chlorine in seawater samples located at VM, VT4 and VT6 with different depth show that the delta sup(37) Cl values decrease with depth down. The variations of delta sup(37) Cl values apparently associate with continental inflow and region. The continental inflow water may causes an increase in the delta sup(37) Cl values. The delta sup(37) Cl values of ocean water in the Antarctic area are slightly lower.
dc.language.iso en
dc.subject chlorine isotopes
dc.subject mass spectroscopy
dc.subject ions
dc.subject physicochemical properties
dc.subject sea water
dc.title Characters of chlorine isotopic composition in ocean water
dc.type Journal Article

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