Paleogene plate tectonic evolution of the Arabian and Eastern Somali basins

Show simple item record Royer, J.-Y. Chaubey, A.K. Dyment, J. Bhattacharya, G.C. Srinivas, K. Yatheesh, V. Ramprasad, T. 2008-08-03T09:31:28Z 2008-08-03T09:31:28Z 2002
dc.identifier.citation The tectonic and climatic evolution of the Arabian Sea region. Ed by: Clift, P.D.Kroon, D.Gaedicke, C.Craig, J.. eds.Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly; UK; 4-5 Apr 2001). 71-85
dc.description.abstract Previous models reviewed for the Paleogene tectonic evolution of the Arabian and Eastern Somali basins and present a model based on a new compilation of magnetic and gravity data. Using plate reconstructions, a self-consistent set of isochrons for Chrona 27 to Chron 21 (61-46 Ma) is derived. The new isochrons account for the development of successive ridge propagation events along the Carlsberg Ridge, leading to an important spreading asymmetry between the conjugate basins. Model predicts the growth of the outer and inner pseudofaults associated with the ridge propagation events. The location of outer pseudo-faults appears to remain very stable despite a drastic change in the direction of ridge propagation before Chron 24 (c. 54 Ma). The motion of the Indian plate relative to the Somalian plate is stable in direction through Paleogene time; spreading velocities decrease from 6 to 3 cm a sup(-1). The reconstruction also confirm that the Arabia-India plate boundary was located west of the Owen Ridge along the Oman margin during Paleogene time; some compression is predicted at about Chron 21 (47 Ma) between the Indian and Arabian plates
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Geological Society of London, UK
dc.rights Geological Society of London
dc.subject plate tectonics
dc.subject tectonophysics
dc.subject basins
dc.subject magnetic data
dc.subject gravity data
dc.subject palaeogene
dc.title Paleogene plate tectonic evolution of the Arabian and Eastern Somali basins
dc.type Conference Article

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