Impact of benthic disturbance on megafauna in Central Indian Basin

Show simple item record Rodrigues, N. Sharma, R. Nath, B.N. 2009-01-07T09:45:59Z 2009-01-07T09:45:59Z 2001
dc.identifier.citation Deep-Sea Research (II: Topical Studies in Oceanography), Vol.48; 3411-3426p.
dc.description.abstract Deep-sea photographs and video data were studied to evaluate the effects of benthic disturbance on megafaunal distribution in the Central Indian Basin. Xenophyophores (41%) and holothurians (30%) are the most abundant taxa, followed by other groups in the area before the disturbance. An overall reduction (32%) in the total megafaunal population after disturbance is direct evidence of the impact on benthic environment. Different groups such as Xenophyophores, sea anemones, shrimps, starfish, brittle stars, holothurians and fish show different degrees of reduction (21-48%) in their numbers, depending upon their ability to withstand increased turbidity and sedimentation rates due to disturbance. Faunal groups such as protobranch molluscs, polychaete worms, seafans and squids, observed before the disturbance, were not seen after disturbance, whereas populations of some taxa increased after the disturbance. Increased numbers of mobile taxa could be due to increased levels of organic carbon due to resedimentation, whereas increase in sessile taxa may partly reflect the difficulty in distinguishing live from dead specimens. The impact on faunal assemblages is more severe in the disturbed area than the undisturbed area. The results indicate that monitoring of megafauna can be used effectively to evaluate the potential impacts of large-scale mining or other disturbance on the seafloor, and may therefore help in developing measures for conservation of the benthic environment
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dc.publisher Pergamon
dc.rights Copyright [2001]. All efforts have been made to respect the copyright to the best of our knowledge. Inadvertent omissions, if brought to our notice, stand for correction and withdrawal of document from this repository.
dc.subject meiobenthos
dc.subject benthic environment
dc.subject deep-sea mining
dc.subject environmental effects
dc.title Impact of benthic disturbance on megafauna in Central Indian Basin
dc.type Journal Article

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