Fine-scale analysis of shelf -slope physiography across the western continental margin of India

Show simple item record Chakraborty, B. Mukhopadhyay, R. Jauhari, P. Mahale, V. Shashikumar, K. Rajesh, M. 2006-06-26T05:12:46Z 2006-06-26T05:12:46Z 2006
dc.identifier.citation Geo-Marine Letters, vol. 26(2), 114-119p
dc.description.abstract We attempt here to quantify and model physiographic phenomena off the central west coast of India in terms of power spectral exponent, amplitude parameter. The statistical analysis of the multibeam echosounder grid bathymetry data is able to characterise the outer shelf, upper slope, shelf margin basin, and several structural rises. The scatter diagram analysis shows that the seafloor can be grouped in two distinct clusters. Distinctly different clustering patterns are observed over the structural rises compared to shelf, slope, basinal areas. This may suggest different modes of formation for the members of these two clusters. In fact, the steep and sharply elevated structural rises appear to be part of NW-SE trending coast parallel Mid-Shelf Basement and Prathap ridges. These ridges are rift-induced volcanic emplacements on a stretched and thinned continental crust which probably formed during mid- Cretaceous times.
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dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher Springer-Verlag
dc.subject Power spectral exponant
dc.subject western continental shelf
dc.subject digital terrain model
dc.subject fractal
dc.title Fine-scale analysis of shelf -slope physiography across the western continental margin of India
dc.type Journal Article

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