Characteristics of humic and fulvic acids in Arabian Sea sediments

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dc.identifier.citation Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, Vol.24; 119-127p.
dc.description.abstract Humic and fulvic acids isolated from some of the shelf, slope and offshore sediments of the Arabian Sea were studied. The molecular weight, functional groups, elemental composition and infrared spectra were examined. Humic substances, dominated by humic acids contributed 22-53% of the sedimentary organic matter. The humic acids in turn are dominated by the high molecular weight fraction (> 300000). A major portion of fulvic acids was mostly present as less than 10000 molecular weight fraction. The elemental composition ranges of HA and FA are C: 60.3-50.3%, H: 6.9-5.7% and N: 4.1-2.0% and C: 46.5-28.1%, H: 8.9-3.6% and N: 4.8-1.6% respectively. The C/N ratio points out to the dominance of terrigenous matter in the formation of humic substances. The infrared spectra of humic acids and fulvic acids although similar exhibited perceptible variations that could be interpreted in terms of changing phenolic, carboxylic and nitrogen contents
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dc.publisher NISCAIR, CSIR
dc.rights Copyright [1995]. All efforts have been made to respect the copyright to the best of our knowledge. Inadvertent omissions, if brought to our notice, stand for correction and withdrawal of document from this repository.
dc.subject fulvic acids
dc.subject humic acids
dc.subject sediments
dc.subject offshore
dc.subject infrared spectroscopy
dc.title Characteristics of humic and fulvic acids in Arabian Sea sediments
dc.type Journal Article

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