On the occurrence of endoparasites from copepods of the west coast of India

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dc.contributor.author Santhakumari, V.
dc.date.accessioned 2009-05-06T10:24:27Z
dc.date.available 2009-05-06T10:24:27Z
dc.date.issued 1993
dc.identifier.citation Mahasagar, Vol.26(1); 55-58p.
dc.identifier.uri http://drs.nio.org/drs/handle/2264/2768
dc.description.abstract Occurrence of endoparasitic dinoflagellates belonging to the genera, Blastodinium, parasitizing the coelomic cavity of their host, copepods was investigated. Infection by these species seems to be harmful to the host. Parasitized individuals showed striking morphological changes in shape and colour. The percentage of infection of these parasites is less on the west coast of India
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Indian Association for Limnology and Oceanography, India
dc.rights Copyright [1993]. All efforts have been made to respect the copyright to the best of our knowledge. Inadvertent omissions, if brought to our notice, stand for correction and withdrawal of document from this repository.
dc.subject endoparasites
dc.subject parasitic diseases
dc.subject infectious diseases
dc.subject hosts
dc.subject Blastodinium
dc.title On the occurrence of endoparasites from copepods of the west coast of India
dc.type Journal Article

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