Hydrocarbon prospects of the western continental slope of India as indicatEd. by surficial enrichment of organic carbon

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dc.contributor.author Paropkari, A.L.
dc.contributor.author Mascarenhas, A.
dc.contributor.author PrakashBabu, C.
dc.date.accessioned 2009-05-06T10:46:58Z
dc.date.available 2009-05-06T10:46:58Z
dc.date.issued 1993
dc.identifier.citation Proceedings of the Second Seminar on Petroliferous Basins of India. Vol. 2: West Coast Basins, 18-20 December 1991, KDM Institute of Petroleum Exploration, ONGC, Dehra Dun, Ed. by: Biswas, S.K.; Dave, A.; Garg, P.; Pandey, J.; Maithani, A.; Thomas, N.J. 455-460p.
dc.identifier.uri http://drs.nio.org/drs/handle/2264/2837
dc.description.abstract The sediments from the continental mid-slope (150-1500 m depth) of the western margin are highly enriched in organic carbon (upto 16%) occurring as a long and wide band off Bombay to southern tip of India. Organic carbon is essentially of marine origin and is enriched due to its preservation under anoxic conditions causEd. by impingement of oxygen minimum zone. The DSDP data in the southeastern Arabian Sea have revealed the initiation of upwelling and productivity during Early Eocene and establishment of reducing conditions since Mid-Miocene, which continue till today. Under such a reducing environment there is every possibility of retention of higher amount of hydrogen in the kerogen part of organic matter. Published literature has indicated the organic matter is of type 2, the slope sediments have a structural capability for the retention of hydrocarbons and the sediments are significantly thick. All these evidences suggest that sediments from the Indian continental slope can act as source beds for petroleum generation. The continental slope between Ratnagiri-Mangalore and south of Cochin, with gentler topography and appreciable sediments thickness (2-4 km) where surficial organic-rich band is wider, are more potential sites for hydrocarbon exploration
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Indian Petroleum Publishers, Dehra Dun, India
dc.rights Copyright [1993]. All efforts have been made to respect the copyright to the best of our knowledge. Inadvertent omissions, if brought to our notice, stand for correction and withdrawal of document from this repository.
dc.subject hydrocarbons
dc.subject geophysical exploration
dc.subject oil and gas exploration
dc.subject organic carbon
dc.subject geochemical analysis
dc.subject continental slope
dc.title Hydrocarbon prospects of the western continental slope of India as indicatEd. by surficial enrichment of organic carbon
dc.type Conference Article

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