On an upwelling front, propagation of upwelling and vertical velocity in the eastern Arabian sea during monsoon, 1987

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dc.contributor.author Antony, M.K.
dc.contributor.author Unnikrishnan, A.S.
dc.date.accessioned 2009-05-08T12:14:08Z
dc.date.available 2009-05-08T12:14:08Z
dc.date.issued 1992
dc.identifier.citation Proceedings of the PORSEC-'92 in Okinawa, Conference for Pacific Ocean Environments and Probing, 25-31 August, 1992, Okinawa, Japan. Vol. 1, 527-532p.
dc.identifier.uri http://drs.nio.org/drs/handle/2264/3133
dc.description.abstract A coastal upwelling front parallel to the coast and identifiable upto a depth of 75 m was observed between 12.5 and 16 degrees N along the eastern Arabian Sea in September, 1987 from closely spaced digital BT data. With a north-south slope in the thermocline, the front has a temperature gradient of about 6 degrees C over a distance of 30-50 km and appears to be closer to the coast on the northern side than the southern side. Information derived from data during July 1987 shows no such front upto 30-m depth at this location. An estimate based on the positions of isotherms indicates offshore movement of surface water at a rate of about 1-2 km/day from July to September. Vertical velocities computed in the frontal region using the conservation equation of temperature show an average value of -2.77 x 10 sup(-2) cm/sec which is indicative of upwelling. A comparison of offshore volume transport and a temperature anomaly near the coast did not show good correlation. These observations suggest that upwelling along this coast propagates from south to north in the form of a coastally trapped wave
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher PORSEC Committee, Shimizu, Japan
dc.rights Copyright [1992]. All efforts have been made to respect the copyright to the best of our knowledge. Inadvertent omissions, if brought to our notice, stand for correction and withdrawal of document from this repository.
dc.subject coastal upwelling
dc.subject oceanic fronts
dc.subject velocity
dc.subject hydrographic data
dc.subject winds
dc.subject monsoons
dc.title On an upwelling front, propagation of upwelling and vertical velocity in the eastern Arabian sea during monsoon, 1987
dc.type Conference Article

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