Bacterioplankton abundance and production in Indian Ocean Regions

Show simple item record Ramaiah, N. Fernandes, V. Rodrigues, V.V. Paul, J.T. Gauns, M. 2009-12-18T09:00:05Z 2009-12-18T09:00:05Z 2009
dc.identifier.citation In "Indian Ocean biogeochemical processes and ecological variability. eds. by: Wiggert, J.D.; Hood, R.R.; Naqvi, S.W.A.; Brink, K.H.; Smith, S.L.", 119-132p.
dc.description.abstract Microbes mediating biological and many geochemical processes are the key components in marine ecosystems. Information on spatiotemporal variations in heterotrophic bacterial (Hbac) abundance and production in three ecologically disparate regions: Arabian Sea (AS), Bay of Bengal (BoB), and equatorial Indian Ocean (EIO) is provided in this chapter. In the AS, Hbac abundances were the largest during fall intermonsoon (FIM) (0.35-1.51 x 10 sup(9) L sup(-1)), moderate during southwest monsoon (SWM) (0.20-0.45 x 10 sup(9) cells L sup(-1)), and least during northeast monsoon (NEM) (0.05–0.35 x 10 sup(9) L sup(-1)). Bacterial production (BP), ranging from 2.86 to 22.93 mg C m sup(-3) d sup(-1), was the highest during spring intermonsoon (SIM) when autotrophic production was the least. In the BoB, Hbac abundance was more during FIM (0.07-1.85 x 10 sup(9) L sup(-1) in the 0- to 120-m column) and lower during SIM (0.02-0.36 x 10 sup(9) L sup(-1)). Spatial and temporal variations were clearly seen in BP too, which was higher during SWM (0.18–6.75 mg C m sup(-3) d sup(-1)) and NEM (0.35-18.56 mg C m sup(-3) d sup(-1)), moderate during FIM (0.01-4.19 mg C m sup(-3) d sup(-1)), and least during SIM (0.001-2.49 mg C m sup(-3) d sup(-1)). Annual BP accounted for up to 56% of primary production (PP) in the BoB. Despite the lowest Hbac abundance and production, BP:PP ratios were high in the oligotrophic EIO. As evidenced from sizable Hbac carbon biomass and from the often high BP:PP ratios (?1.0), Hbac-biogeochemical and trophodynamic processes are very important in some regions/seasons of low autotrophic production
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dc.publisher American Geophysical Union
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dc.subject Bacterioplankton
dc.subject Indian Ocean
dc.subject geochemical processes
dc.subject marine ecosystems
dc.title Bacterioplankton abundance and production in Indian Ocean Regions
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