Natural product antifoulants from the octocorals of Indian waters

Show simple item record Raveendran, T.V. LimnaMol, V.P. Parameswaran, P.S. 2011-01-04T07:01:16Z 2011-01-04T07:01:16Z 2011
dc.identifier.citation International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, vol.65(1); 2011; 265-268
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dc.description.abstract Natural Product Antifoulants (NPAs) have been proposed as one of the best alternatives for the globally banned toxic biocide -TBT-in antifouling coatings. In search of NPAs from Indian waters twenty nine species of Octocorals, collected from Gulf of Mannar and Lakshadweep islands, were screened for their antifouling potential against the cyprids of the cosmopolitan biofouler, Balanus amphitrite. The crude extracts of 8 species of these corals (Cladiella krempfi, Lobophytum irregulare, Lobophytum sarcophytoides, Sarcophyton ehrenbergi, Sarcophyton glaucum, Sinularia kavarattiensis, Melitodes sp. and Subergorgia reticulata) exhibited relatively high settlement inhibition properties. The bioassay-guided purification of the crude extracts of 3 active and abundant specieseCladiella krempfi, Sinularia kavarattiensis and Subergorgia reticulataeyielded five NPAs, (l’E,50E) -2-(20,60-dimethylocta-l’,50,70-trienyl)-4-furoic acid 1, (-)-6-a-hydroxy polyanthellin A 2, (+)-(7R,10S)-2-methoxy calamenene 3, (+)-(7R,10S)-2,5-dimethoxy calamenene 4 and (+)-(7R,10S)-2-methoxy,5-acetoxy calamenene 5). Among these, 5 exhibited high future prospects on account of its low EC sub(50) value (0.0335 mu g/ml) and high therapeutic ratio (799)
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dc.publisher Elsevier
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dc.rights An edited version of this paper was published by Elsevier. Copyright [2011] Elsevier
dc.subject Natural Product Antifoulants
dc.subject Cladiella krempfi
dc.subject Sinularia kavarattiensis
dc.subject Subergorgia reticulata
dc.title Natural product antifoulants from the octocorals of Indian waters
dc.type Journal Article

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