Benthic foraminifera

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dc.identifier.citation In "Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science". Ed. by: Elias, S.A.Elsevier, vol.2; 2013; 765-774
dc.description.abstract Benthic foraminifera are protozoa, which evolved during Cambrian and at present are found living in all possible marine environments. Their single cell is enclosed in a microscopic calcareous or agglutinated shell called as test. They are very sensitive to the changes in ambient environment. The response of benthic foraminifera to the changes in the ambient environment is incorporated in their tests, which have high preservation potential. Therefore, the characteristics of the benthic foraminiferal tests, including its morphology, abundance, stable isotopic and trace metal composition, provide valuable information about past climatic and oceanographic changes.
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Elsevier
dc.rights Copyright [2013] Elsevier
dc.subject palaeoceanography
dc.subject foraminifera
dc.title Benthic foraminifera
dc.type Book Chapter

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