Characterizing slope morphology using multifractal technique: a study from the western continental margin of India.

Show simple item record Chakraborty, B. Karisiddaiah, S.M. Menezes, A.A.A. Haris, K. Gokul, G.S. Fernandes, W.A. Kavitha, G. 2014-09-04T06:08:07Z 2014-09-04T06:08:07Z 2014
dc.identifier.citation Natural Hazards, vol.73(2); 2014; 547-565.
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dc.description.abstract Here, we present the slope configuration of the submarine gullies, ridges and the adjacent slump zone off Goa, along the western continental margin of India utilizing multibeam bathymetric and single-channel seismic data. The fluid flow migration signature in the form of pockmark seepages, traces of mud volcanoes and enhanced reflectors is observed in the area. Altogether thirty-three depth profiles from the gully, ridge and slump areas depict downslope progression in gully incision and varying gradients in the gullies (1.19–4.07°) and ridges (2.13–3.70°), whereas the profiles of the slump zone are comparatively steady (2.25–2.51°). The scatter plot of the three slope characteristics, viz., gradient, mean depth and root mean square relief, characterizes the profiles of the gullies, ridges and slump zone into three distinct clusters. Principal component analysis as well corroborates the categorization. Furthermore, a stochastic multifractal technique has been employed to understand the nature of the fine-scale seafloor processes active in the slope region. The three estimated parameters of the depth profiles, i.e., the degree of multifractality (~a), sparseness (C 1) and the degree of smoothness (H), substantiate a very high degree of multifractality for all the thirty-three bathymetric profiles. Except for the five adjacent profiles (four from the slump zone and one from the ridge), the remaining twenty-eight depth profiles of the gully, ridges and slump zones show negligible difference. Based on the multifractal study, we conclude that the observed discrimination might be due to the significant interaction between the bottom currents off Goa and the varied seafloor morphological aspects with seepages and faults.
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dc.publisher Springer
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dc.rights An edited version of this paper was published by Springer. This paper is for R & D purpose and Copyright [2014] Springer.
dc.subject Slope morphology
dc.subject Multifractal technique
dc.subject continental margin
dc.title Characterizing slope morphology using multifractal technique: a study from the western continental margin of India.
dc.type Journal Article

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