Methane hydrates in marine sediments - Untapped source of energy

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dc.identifier.citation Journal of Indian Ocean Studies, vol.9(1), 111-119p.
dc.description.abstract Existing largely in the form of a crystalline, frozen mixture of methane and water under low temperature and high pressure, methane hydrates are now looked upon as an untapped source of hydrocarbon energy) Methane production from hydrates can contribute low cost natural gas to partially fulfil domestic demand, play a greater role in power generation and transportation because of increasing choice for cleaner fuels and reduced CO2 particulate, sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides production. Areas of rapid hemi-pelagic sediments are favourable for the accumulation of considerable amounts of organic detritus where methane is produced by bacterial degradation of organic matter buried under below the sea floor, by thermogenic 'cooking' of organic matter or by the dissociation of hydrates. Several countries including India have started active research programmes on methane hydrates, and it is expected that if advanced technologies for converting the natural gas to liquid fuels can be scaled up, gas could replace oil as the next source of transportation fuel. Seismic reflection and geochemical methods are the most important approaches for identifying gas hydrates in marine sediments. In addition to their potential as energy resources, their influence on the stability of sea floor is well recognised. When disturbed by activities such as drilling, or when massively disturbed by natural causes, their influence on global climate could be significant. A long term research and development effort will be required to turn this potential resource into gas reserves while developing technologies to conduct safe petroleum operation in hydrate areas, and defining the role of methane hydrates in global climate.
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dc.title Methane hydrates in marine sediments - Untapped source of energy
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