Seasonal variability of salinity and salt transport in the northern Indian Ocean

Show simple item record D’Addezio, J.M. Subrahmanyam, B. Nyadjro, E.S. Murty, V.S.N. 2015-10-26T09:10:00Z 2015-10-26T09:10:00Z 2015
dc.identifier.citation Journal of Physical Oceanography, vol.45(7); 2015; 1947-1966
dc.description.abstract Analyses using a suite of observational datasets (Aquarius and Argo) and model simulations are carried out to examine the seasonal variability of salinity in the northern Indian Ocean (NIO). The model simulations include Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean, Phase II (ECCO2), the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts–Ocean Reanalysis System 4 (ECMWF–ORAS4), Simple Ocean Data Assimilation (SODA) reanalysis, and the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM). The analyses of salinity at the surface and at depths up to 200 m, surface salt transport in the top 5-m layer, and depth-integrated salt transports revealed different salinity processes in the NIO that are dominantly related to the semiannual monsoons. Aquarius proves a useful tool for observing this dynamic region and reveals some aspects of sea surface salinity (SSS) variability that Argo cannot resolve. The study revealed large disagreement between surface salt transports derived from observed- and analysis-derived salinity fields. Although differences in SSS between the observations and the model solutions are small, model simulations provide much greater spatial variability of surface salt transports due to finer detailed current structure. Meridional depth-integrated salt transports along 6°N revealed dominant advective processes from the surface toward near-bottom depths. In the Arabian Sea (Bay of Bengal), the net monthly mean maximum northward (southward) salt transport of ~50 × 10<sup>6</sup> kg s <sup>-1</sup> occurs in July, and annual-mean salt transports across this section are about -2.5 × 10<sup>6</sup> kg s <sup>-1</sup> 3 × 10<sup>6</sup> kg s <sup>-1</sup>)
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher American Meteorological Society
dc.rights An edited version of this paper was published by American Meteorological Society. Copyright [2015] American Meteorological Society
dc.title Seasonal variability of salinity and salt transport in the northern Indian Ocean
dc.type Journal Article

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