Fluoride, bromide and iodide in the Arabian Sea

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dc.contributor.author DeSouza, F.P.
dc.date.accessioned 1995-05-09T09:57:18Z
dc.date.accessioned 2017-09-29T13:48:40Z
dc.date.available 1995-05-09T09:57:18Z
dc.date.available 2017-09-29T13:48:40Z
dc.date.issued 1982
dc.identifier.citation Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, vol.11; 1982; 173-174
dc.identifier.issn 0379-5136
dc.identifier.uri http://drs.nio.org/drs/handle/2264/6619
dc.description.abstract Fluoride concentrations varying from 1.32 mg/l at the surface to 1.37 mg/l at depth showed an average of 1.35 + or - 0.004 mg/l with F/Cl of (6.65 + - 0.07) x 10/5. Average bromide was 70 mg/l with Br/Cl of 0.00347. Bromide was found to bear a fairly constant ratio to chlorinity. Concentrations of iodide were small (0.01-0.024 mg/l) with higher concentration occurring at the surface and bottom layers. Results suggested the semi-conservative, conservative and non-conservative characters of fluoride, bromide and iodide respectively
dc.language en
dc.publisher CSIR-NISCAIR
dc.relation.ispartof Indian J Mar Sci
dc.relation.isreferencedby SCI
dc.subject Chemistry and Biogeochemistry
dc.subject.other chemical analysis
dc.subject.other sea water
dc.subject.other approximation
dc.subject.other iodides
dc.subject.other bromides
dc.subject.other fluorides
dc.subject.other ISW, Arabian Sea
dc.title Fluoride, bromide and iodide in the Arabian Sea
dc.type Journal Article
dc.affiliation.author CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa, India

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