Development of an autonomous vertical profiler for oceanographic studies

Show simple item record Dabholkar, N. Desa, E. Afzulpurkar, S. Madhan, R. Mascarenhas, A.A.M.Q. Navelkar, G. Maurya, P.K. Prabhudesai, S. Nagvekar, S. Martins, H. Sawkar, G. Fernandes, P. Manoj, K.K. 2008-01-31T04:43:37Z 2008-01-31T04:43:37Z 2007
dc.identifier.citation Proceedings of the International Symposium on Ocean Electronics (SYMPOL-2007), 11-14 December, 2007, eds. Pillai, P.R.S.; Supriya, M.H. 250-256p.
dc.description.abstract The variations in oceanic variables that influence global climate, hypoxia in freshwater reservoirs and in coastal waters as in the west coast of India, the rise of harmful algal blooms are amongst current problems that need to be understood through the assimilation of observational data collected in the horizontal, vertical and temporal scales into mathematical models of climate change. Conventional data collection techniques from ships, shore based stations, moorings, and data buoys permit such data collection but show gross under sampling as they are highly restrictive in space and time coverage. To address these issues, autonomous platforms such as Autonomous Vehicles (AUVs and ASVs), Langragian Profilers (eg. ALACE) are being used by several research groups. This paper is based on a concept patent on a thruster driven Autonomous Vertical profiler [AVP], and describes the developmental steps being taken on the integration of sensors, control electronics, communications and a Graphical User interface (GUI) that enables the user to communicate with the AVP through a high speed radio modem link. The AVP can be programmed by the user to descend at variable speeds to a maximum depth of 200 meters, hover at specified depths and to ascend to the sea surface by built-in positive buoyancy or by a controlled reverse thrust. Whilst traversing the water column, sensors mounted on nose cone acquire and store the data. When it returns to the surface, the AVP transmits GPS position, vehicle parameters, and selected sensor data through a radio link. A provision to reprogram or alter the mission is also available during its residency time at the surface.
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Allied
dc.subject underwater vehicles
dc.subject vertical profiling
dc.subject oceanographic equipment
dc.subject oceanographic data
dc.subject data acquisition
dc.title Development of an autonomous vertical profiler for oceanographic studies
dc.type Conference Article

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