How to Submit

Note that only National Institute of Oceanography publications will be accepted for online submission to DRS@nio. All researchers of NIO can submit the e-prints. DRS validates user information available as well as the content put before publicly accessible.

Before you can submit an article, you should first Register with DRS. After completing registration, you can proceed to submit your e-prints.

PDF is the preferred document format for electronic documents. If your article is in other electronic format, you need to convert it into PDF format.

1. Researchers Registration

To submit a e-prints you should first register with DRS@nio.

  1. In DRS home page click on Register/Submit 

  2. The Login Screen appears. Click on New user? Click here to register.

  3. Enter NIO E-mail address in the boxes. It is very important to enter correct e-mail address

  4. DRS sends a URL token to your e-mail address. Click on it (or copy and paste it into your browser location box). You will then get a form. Fill the appropriate information on the form (Name, Password etc).

  5. You have now registered in to DRS@nio system.

2. Activate your Collection(s)

After you have completed the registration, you need to send a mail (who is currently the administrator) with following information to activate required collection(s) to submit your publication(s).

    a) Your Employee ID number
   b) The collections that you have an interest (click on the 'communities and Collections' to see the list for your choice.

The Administrator, after authenticating the above mentioned information, would make it possible for you to add records to the repository. You would receive reply from the administrator within 24 hours (in normal circumstances).

3. Submission of publications (e-prints)

After you have completed the registration, you can submit e-prints to DRS@nio.

  1. In DRS home page click on Register/Submit (authorized users)

  2. Enter your e-mail address and password in the Login Screen

  3. You have now reached the publication (e-print) Submission Area (A Dedicated work space for you.). Click on Start a New Submission 

  4. Next you get the screen 'Submit: Choose Collection'. Here you select the collection to which you wish to submit your publications (e-prints). Based on your  e-mail information provided in the Registration stage, DRS automatically assigns appropriate collection and shows this in the selection box. Select the collection and click Next

  5. You now enter the actual submission process. At the top of the submit pages you will find 7 oval buttons representing each step in the submission process. As you move through the process these ovals will change color. Once you have started you can also use these buttons to move back and forth within the submission process by clicking on them. You will not lose data by moving back and forth.

  6. Screen: 'Submit: Describe Your Item'. If your item consists of more than one file, check the box 'Check this box if your submission consists of more than one file'.

  7. You next get the second and third 'Submit: Describe Your Item' screens where you provide appropriate information about your item. Ensure that you fill all the mandatory * fields. After you fill the form click Next to go to next screen.

  8. After you describe your item, you get the screen 'Submit: Upload a File'. Upload your item in PDF format. You can upload it by browsing through your local system.

  9. You then get the 'Submit: File Uploaded Successfully' screen. If you have uploaded a wrong file, you can select appropriate option to upload the correct file here.

  10. You next get the 'Submit: Verify Submission' screen. You can verify and edit what you have submitted so far..!! To make any change click on 'correct one of these'. To upload a different file (if you are submitting more than one file) click on 'upload a different file'.

  11. Next screen is 'Submit: Grant DRS@nio Distribution License'. This is the license you have to agree to archive your e-prints in DRS@nio. Click on  I Grant the License. That's all.

  12. You have now successfully completed the submission process..!!

  13. However, your e-print is not yet part of the DRS. Your eprint will go through the reviewing process and you will be intimated by e-mail when the publication is archived into DRS.

Stopping during the Submission Process:

At any point in the submission process you can stop and save your work for a later date by clicking on the "cancel/save" button at the bottom of the page. The data you have already entered will be stored until you come back to the submission, and you will be reminded on your "Submit e-print" page that you have a submission in process. If somehow you accidentally exit from the submit process, you can always resume from your "Submit e-print" page. You can also cancel your submission at any point.

If you have any doubts or clarifications please contact the


4. Convert from Word format to PDF

If you have access to Acrobat Distiller or PDF-Maker, you can use these programs to create a PDF document. Check if this is available on your PC or on another PC in your department. You can ask the library staff help for the conversion also.