Title: Marine Microbiology: Facets & Opportunities.
Author(s): Ramaiah, N. Ed.
Source/Publisher: National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India. 2005



Preliminary pages (2.5mb)  

Chapter 1

Marine Microbiology: Facets & Opportunities - N. Ramaiah (30kb) 1-6

Chapter 2

Marine Microbiology: Challenges and Future Directions - D. Chandramohan (39kb) 7-13

Chapter 3

Role of Heterotrophic Bacteria in Marine Ecological Processes - N. Ramaiah (161kb) 15-26

Chapter 4

Synergy in Sulfur Cycle: The Biogeochemical Significance of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in Syntrophic Associations - P.A. Loka Bharathi (46kb) 27-35

Chapter 5

Ecology of Hypersaline Microorganisms - Savita Kerkar (76kb) 37-47

Chapter 6

Bacterial Association with Particles: Aggregation to Dissolution - Maria-Judith De Souza (149kb) 49-61

Chapter 7

Impacts of Free Radicals on the Dynamics of Marine Microbial Populations - Ji-Dong Gu(103kb) 63-70

Chapter 8

Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Matter and Microbes in Seawater through Sub-Micron Particle Size Analyses - Joaquim I. Goes, William M. Balch, James M. Vaughn and Helga do R. Gomes (222kb) 71-81

Chapter 9

Bacterial Associations: Antagonism to Symbiosis - Shanta Nair (37kb) 83-89

Chapter 10

The Role of Fungi in Marine Detrital Processes - Seshagiri Raghukumar (71kb) 91-101

Chapter 11

Vibrio Parahaemolyticus: The Threat of Another Vibrio Acquiring Pandemic Potential - T. Ramamurthy and G. Balakrish Nair (105kb) 103-113

Chapter 12

Aeromonas Hydrophila: A Re-Emerging Pathogen - Lakshmanaperumalsamy, P., Tha. Thayumanavan and R. Subashkumar (36kb) 115-119

Chapter 13

Microbial Diseases in Shrimp Aquaculture - Iddya Karunasagar, Indrani Karunasagar and R.K. Umesha (83kb) 121-134

Chapter 14

Microbial Safety of Fishery Products - Indrani Karunasagar, Iddya Karunasagar and Ammini Parvathi (57kb) 135-144

Chapter 15

Marine Fungi and their Enzymes for Decolorization of Colored Effluents - Chandralata Raghukumar (257kb) 145-158

Chapter 16

Chemical and Molecular Characterization of Biofilm on Metal Surfaces - Narayan B Bhosle (310kb) 159-168

Chapter 17

Bacterial Siderophores and their Biotechnological applications - C. Mohandass (85kb) 169-174

Chapter 18

Inter-relationship Between Marine Meiobenthos and Microbes - Zakir Ali Ansari (53kb) 175-179

Chapter 19

Ecological Significance of Marine Microzooplankton - N. Godhantaraman (95kb) 181-188