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    • Demarcation of coastal vulnerability line along the Indian coast 

      Ajai; Baba, M.; Unnikrishnan, A.S.; Rajawat, A.S.; Bhattacharya, S.; Ratheesh, R.; Kurian, N.P.; Hameed, S.; Sundar, D. (Indian Society of Geomatics, 2013)
      Delineation of vulnerability line for coastal region due to dynamic coastal processes and natural coastal hazards is a complex task due to high regional variability and site specific coastal characteristics. A methodology ...
    • Wave hindcasting/forecasting: Theory 

      Mandal, S. (Trivandrum: Centre for Earth Science Stud, 1989)
      Basic ocean wave formation is explained by numerical expressions of energy spectrum The theories of wave prediction in the standard wind field and in a varying wind field are described