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    • BoBBLE: Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction and Its Impact on the South Asian Monsoon 

      Vinayachandran, P.N.; Matthews, A.J.; Kumar, K.V.; Sanchez-Franks, A.; Thushara, V.; George, J.; Vijith, V.; Webber, B.G.M.; Queste, B.Y.; Roy, R.; Sarkar, Amit; Baranowski, D.B.; Bhat, G.S.; Klingaman, N.P.; Peatman, S.C.; Parida, C.; Heywood, K.J.; Hall, R.; King, B.; Kent, E.C.; Nayak, A.A.; Neema, C.P.; Amol, P.; Lotliker, A.; Kankonkar, A.; Gracias, D.G.; Vernekar, S.; DeSouza, A.C.; Valluvan, G.; Pargaonkar, S.M.; Dinesh, K.; Giddings, J.; Joshi, M. (American Meteorological Society, 2018)
      The Bay of Bengal (BoB) plays a fundamental role in controlling the weather systems that make up the South Asian summer monsoon system. In particular, the southern BoB has cooler sea surface temperatures (SST) that influence ...