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    • A new xenicane norditerpene from the Indian marine gorgonian Acanthogorgia turgida 

      Manzo, E.; Ciavatta, M.L.; Gavagnin, M.; Villani, G.; Quaranta, C.; DeSouza, L.; Cimino, G. (Taylor & Francis, 2009)
      Chemical investigation of the liposoluble extract of the gorgonian Acanthogorgia turgida, from Indian coasts, led us to isolate a new xenicane-based norditerpene, isoacalycixeniolide-A (1), along with the known structurally ...
    • Antifouling activities of marine sedentary invertebrates on some macrofoulers 

      Wilsanand, V.; Wagh, A.B.; Bapuji, M. (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, 1999)
      Antifouling activities of alcohol extracts from four gorgonian species (Melitodes sp., Gorgonella sanguinolenta, Echinogorgia complexa, Acanthogorgia turgida), five soft corals [Dendronephthya sp. 1, Dendronephthya sp. 2, ...