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    • Marine algal flora of submerged Angria Bank (Arabian Sea) 

      Untawale, A.G.; Reddy, C.R.K.; Ambiye, V. (CSIR-NISCAIR, 1989)
      Submerged Angria Bank was surveyed for the deep water marine algal flora. About 57 species were reported from this bank for the first time. Rhodophyta dominated (30 species) followed by Chlorophyta (18 species) and Phaeophyta ...
    • Toxic effects of coastal and marine plant extracts on mosquito larvae 

      PrabhaDevi; Solimabi; DeSouza, L.; Kamat, S.Y. (Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 1997)
      Petroleum-ether and chloroform soluble fractions of methanolic extracts of mangrove/plants (Derris heterophylla, Salvadora persica, Sonneratia caseolaris, Clerodendron inerme), seaweeds (Acanthophora muscoides, Microdictyon ...