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dc.contributor.authorReddy, C.V.G.
dc.contributor.authorSankaranarayanan, V.N.
dc.identifier.citationBulletin of National Institute of Sciences of India, vol.38; 1968; 206-220
dc.description.abstractThe paper presents a descriptive account of the distribution of phosphates, silicates and nitrates in the shelf waters of Arabian Sea along the West Coast of India including a brief mention about the hydrographical features and their relationship with the former during the period September to December 1963 The results indicate marked variations through different periods, in nutrients and other hydrographical features Two distinct environmental conditions are apparent in the shelf waters from the nutrients point of view, characterised by nutrient deficient surface layers in the post-monsoon period and nutrient rich surface layers in the south-west monsoon period These conditions are well reflected in the corresponding variations of the hydrographical features It is also observed that the concentrations of the nutrients show a general decreasing trend from south to north The distribution of the elements are more influenced by a phenomenon similar to upwelling, occurring during the closing phase of the south-west monsoon The regional differences in the concentration of the nutrients along the coast during this period, are attributed to the varying intensities of this upwelling like phenomenon Post-monsoon period is characterised by more vertical stability of the waters and uniform distribution of the properties A significant feature of the nutrient components of the near shore environment (less than 15 miles) is their constancy through different periods; the values are relatively high throughout Probable factors controlling the vertical and horizontal distribution of nutrients are indicated
dc.publisherNational Institute of Sciences of India
dc.relation.ispartofB Natl Inst Sci India
dc.subjectChemistry and Biogeochemistry
dc.subject.othershelf seas
dc.subject.othernutrients (mineral)
dc.subject.otherISW, Arabian Sea
dc.titleDistribution of nutrients in the shelf waters of the Arabian sea along the west coast of India
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.affiliation.authorCSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Kochi, Kerala, India

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