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dc.contributor.authorSanthakumari, V.
dc.identifier.citationJournal of the Marine Biological Association of India, vol.27; 1985; 29-38
dc.description.abstractThe epizoic and the ectoparasitic protozoans were studied from the planktonic copepods of the southwest and southeast coasts of India. The species of protozoans viz. Trochilioides trivialis Fenchel, Zoothamnium adamsi Stokes; Ephelota gemmipara Hertwig, Acineta euchaeta Sewell, A. sajirae sp. nov., Paracineta pleuromammae Steur, P. gaetani Sewell, Hallezia scottocalani Sewell, Ellobiopsis chattoni Caullery, E. elongata Steuer and a few cysts, are described with illustrations. T. trivialis and P. pleuromammae are new records from the Indian Ocean. E. gemmipara as epizoic on copepods is recorded for the first time. A. sajirae is a new species belonging to the family Acinetidae. The epizoits and the ectoparasites were found infesting the appendages and the body proper of different species of planktonic copepods collected from four sectors, off Tuticorin, off Cape comorin, off Karwar and off Ratnagiri. The nature of association, host, associate relationship and the rate of infestation are discussed
dc.publisherMarine Biological Association of India
dc.relation.ispartofJ Mar Biol Assoc India
dc.subjectAquatic Ecology, Productivity
dc.subject.othernew species
dc.subject.otherAcineta sajirae
dc.subject.otherEllobiopsis gemmipara
dc.subject.otherParacineta gaetani
dc.subject.otherTrochilioides trivialis
dc.subject.otherISW, India, West Coast
dc.subject.otherISW, India, East Coast
dc.titleEpizoic and ectoparasitic protozoans from planktonic copepods of the southwest and southeast coasts of India with the description of a new species
dc.typeJournal Article

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