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dc.contributor.authorRao, D.P.
dc.contributor.authorRao, M.V.
dc.identifier.citationMahasagar, vol.18; 1985; 203-210
dc.description.abstractThe fluxes of momentum, sensible and latent heat over the southwest coast of India for the period of 27th May-10th June, 1984 based on the surface meteorological data have been presented on the time scale. The latent heat transfer has been discussed in relation to the onset phase of the southwest monsoon which has been triggered by the low pressure system extending from Saurashtra Coast to Lakshadweep Sea. The development of the surface layer has also been discussed in the light of the wind induced near surface circulation and wave action
dc.publisherIndian Association for Limnology and Oceanography
dc.subjectOceanography and Limnology
dc.subject.otherair-water interface
dc.subject.othermeteorological data
dc.subject.otherlatent heat transfer
dc.subject.othersensible heat
dc.subject.otherheat transfer
dc.subject.otherISW, India
dc.titleExchange of fluxes across the air-sea interface during the onset phase of the southwest monsoon
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.affiliation.authorCSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa, India

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