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dc.contributor.authorRao, M.V.
dc.contributor.authorViswambharan, N.K.
dc.contributor.authorRao, L.V.G.
dc.identifier.citationIndian Journal of Marine Sciences, vol.13; 1984; 128-130
dc.description.abstractBrightness temperature data from satellite microwave radiometer (SAMIR) onboard Bhaskara 2 have been analysed for 15 orbits over the North Indian Ocean during January-June 1982 for which seatruth data on surface waves (shipborne wave recorder data from R V Gaveshani and visual observations from other ships as reported in IDWR) are available. Using this, an attempt has been made to obtain an empirical relation between brightness temperature and significant wave height. Linear correlation between significant wave height and brightness temperature at 19 and 22 GHz, and multiple correlation at 19 and 22 GHz are studied. Significant wave height derived from the linear regression at 19 GHz as well as from multiple regression at 19 and 22 GHz, yields better estimate
dc.relation.ispartofIndian J Mar Sci
dc.subjectOceanography and Limnology
dc.subject.otherremote sensing
dc.subject.otherwave height
dc.subject.othersea surface
dc.titleEstimation of sea surface wave height from Bhaskara II SAMIR data
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.affiliation.authorCSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa, India

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