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dc.contributorNational Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa, India
dc.identifier.citationTraining course on fisheries related oceanography (5-10 August 1991); 1991; 1-5
dc.description.abstractFisheries oceanography can be applied to fisheries ecology, fisheries management and practical fishing. Physico-chemical parameters of the environment (temperature, currents, waves, light, oxygen and salinity) have profound effect on fish. Fluctuations in temperature or rapid increase may cause mass mortalities. The temperature of the environment can affect the food requirement of a given species. The swimming speed of first is also affected by temperature. Current is an important factor that affects fishing in many ways. Light, another important factor in the lives of fish affects shoaling both seasonally and diurnally salinity is important for success of reproduction and distribution of different life history stages. Nutrients in the sea triggers the food chain and the food in the sea triggers the food chain and the food in the sea can be classified as pelagic and benthic. The sea can be classified as pelagic and benthic. Knowledge of water depth in a given location is of importance in fisheries. Bathymetry and submarine geology are also important for fisheries. Remote sensing plays a vital role in fisheries oceanography. General principles are followed for the management of fisheries and improvement of fishing gears and directing fishing vessels to profitable grounds to achieve a maximum catch for efforts
dc.subject.otherFishing Grounds
dc.subject.otherFishing Gear
dc.subject.otherFishery Management
dc.subject.otherMarine Geology
dc.subject.otherWater Depth
dc.subject.otherFood Chains
dc.subject.otherNutrients (Mineral)
dc.subject.otherLight Effects
dc.subject.otherTemperature Effects
dc.subject.otherPhysicochemical Properties
dc.subject.otherFishery Oceanography
dc.titleIntroduction to fisheries oceanography
dc.affiliation.authorCSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa, India

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