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dc.identifier.citation28 pp.
dc.description.abstractAs a part of the institutional project, 'Application of Geological and Geophysical methods in Marine Archaeology and Underwater Explorations, (OLP 0008)', exploration and excavation of shipwrecks have been carried out from 23 Jan 2006 to 21 Feb 2006 for 11 days in Sunchi Reef, Amee shoals, Aguada bay and Cabo, off Goa waters (India). The objectives of the survey were three fold: (1) To locate and explore new wreck sites which are mentioned in the Hydrographic chart No: 2020, (2) Further explorations in and around the Sunchi wreck site to find new antiquities and artifacts, (3) Deployment of echosounder to understand the seabed topography of the region. Positions of all underwater explored sites were obtained in Global Positioning System (GPS). Artefacts found during exploration were collected for further research and analysis.
dc.publisherNIO, India
dc.rightsCopyright [2006]. It is tried to respect the rights of the copyright holders to the best of the knowledge. If it is brought to our notice by copyright holder that the rights are voilated then the item would be withdrawn.
dc.subjectExcavation underwater
dc.subjectUnderwater exploration
dc.subjectShip losses
dc.subjectTopographic features
dc.titleExploration and excavation of shipwrecks in Goa and adjoining waters 2005-2006
dc.typeTechnical Report

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